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Bob Dole Reminds Me Again Why I Voted for Harry Browne in 1996
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Big government conservative and Beltway lobbyist Bob Dole prattled on yesterday about the “need” for “bipartisan” health care “reform.”

The Kansas City Star article about his speech failed to mention that Dole is on the dole of Alston & Bird, the D.C. law and lobbying shop that also employs Obamacare architect and human toe fungus Tom Daschle and Howard Baker:

Former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole says “there will be a signing ceremony” for a health care reform bill either late this year or early next. But the former presidential candidate says he isn’t sure what the bill will say. Dole, 86, spoke with reporters after an hour-long speech at a health care reform summit sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City. He told the group that he and former Sens. Tom Daschle, Howard Baker, and George Mitchell will issue a statement later today urging Congress to enact health care reform as soon as possible.

– – –

UPDATE, 4:43: The statement is just from Dole and Daschle, and it’s attached below. An excerpt:

“…Congress could be close to passing comprehensive health reform. The American people have waited decades and if this moment passes us by, it may be decades more before there is another opportunity. The current approaches suggested by the Congress are far from perfect, but they do provide some basis on which Congress can move forward and we urge the joint leadership to get together for America’s sake.”

Bipartisanship for bipartisanship’s sake gave us the massive No Child Left Behind expansion of the federal government’s role in education, the massive Medicare prescription drug expansion, massive tobacco tax hikes to pay for the S-CHIP expansion, and the massive TARP spending orgy, to name a few.

“Leadership” means knowing when to say no — and demonstrating the willingness to defy the Washington herd.

It’s a foreign concept for K Street fossils.


Flashback: Lobbyists Daschle, Dole Release Health Care Plan; Do Not Note Health Care Clients of Their Law Firm

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