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Olympics Crony Watch: Protest in Chicago Today; Daley Mouths Off in Copenhagen
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Photoshop: Paul Croteau

No Games Chicago is holding a protest against the Daley/Obama crony bid today at 5:30pm in Chicago. City Hall. 121 N. LaSalle St.


Another blog, No Chicago Games, lists the Top 10 reasons why Chicago should not host the Olympic Games, worth reprinting in its entirety:

The Top 10 Reasons Why Chicago Shouldn’t Host the Olympics

1. President Obama should not reward Daley with his support for a Chicago Olympics because of the numerous crimes and civil rights violations that have occurred during Daley’s 29 year tenure as mayor and states attorney. Given the amount of corruption that has happened under Daley, it is absurd that President Obama or First Lady Michelle are even considering making a presentation on behalf of a Daley sponsored Chicago Olympics.

2. Daley planned and followed through on an unlawful hiring and election rigging system before Daley was sworn in as mayor. Daley is scheming to use Olympic contracts and contractors to further his political might just like Daley did before becoming mayor of Chicago. One election rigging scheme, shame on Daley. A second election rigging scheme, shame on us.

3. Daley’s unlawful hiring and election rigging scheme went on for 16 years until the FBI uncovered it. The building of a Chicago Olympic site and the assignment of the land and buildings after the Olympics will take at least 10 years The length of time involved to set up and close an Olympic village gives Daley a perfect opportunity to create another long-term scandal.

4. Given Chicago Olympic Committee Chairman Patrick Ryan’s previous conflicts of interests, his $100,000.00 unethical campaign contribution to Daley, and Ryan’s long time personal friendship with Daley, Ryan is the wrong man to chair the Chicago Olympic Committee.

5. Given Aon’s previous $180 million “conflicts of interest” fine and $5.25 million fine for “inadequate corruption and bribery controls,” Aon is the wrong company to spearhead a Chicago Olympics.

6. The Chicago Olympic Committee will disburse billions of dollars in contracts and concessions without proper transparency, bidding or assignment. The claim that the Chicago Olympic Committee is a free enterprise doesn’t prevent corruption, it guarantees it.

7. For 16 years Daley used patronage workers who unlawfully received jobs, promotions, overtime pay, etc. to campaign for Daley backed candidates. If we cannot trust the Daley administration with it’s personnel decisions when the federal court observes every employment decision, how can we trust Daley to manage 5,000 Chicago Olympic employees when no one is watching? Chicago doesn’t need Daley’s patronage office moving from Chicago’s Intergovernmental Affairs office to the Chicago Olympic headquarters.


8. The Chicago Olympic committee has already been involved in controversies and improprieties, such as a Chicago Olympic Committee member’s real estate investment across from an Olympic venue, Aon’s $47 million in city contracts that was supposed to be unrelated to Aon’s office space and human resource donations to the Chicago’s Olympic bid, and the use of tax increment funds to pay for the Chicago Olympic village. Chicago Olympic improprieties will increase exponentially if the IOC selects Chicago as the 2016 host city.

9. A Chicago Olympics may cost Chicago and Illinois taxpayers billions of dollars because the IOC requires a financial guarantee. It will be a shame if President Obama persuades the IOC to select Chicago to host the 2016 Olympics and the federal taxpayers end up having to pick up the tab.

10. Showcasing Chicago to the world, the money, and jobs from a Chicago Olympics aren’t worth the price of ten or more years of Chicago and Illinois political corruption and political oppression.

Hope the IOC is watching.

De facto Olympics czar and interest-conflicted real estate development mogul Valerie Jarrett “can’t imagine why anyone would be against it.”


Well, the IOC is certainly watching Mayor Daley’s mouth:

Could Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Summer Games be hurt by Mayor Richard M. Daley’s comments about the competition with Rio de Janeiro?

Daley’s comments last week about Rio’s capabilities to host both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics are being taken by Rio as critical of Chicago’s presumed main rival in Friday’s International Olympic Committee vote for the 2016 Games. (You can read our original story about that by clicking here.)

What Daley said about Tokyo and Madrid also could be viewed as critical of those two other finalists, since he minimized their chances based on geographical factors.

The IOC prohibits bid cities from criticizing their rivals.

Questions about whether Daley’s comments had breached that prohibition were raised at both the Rio and Chicago media conferences here this afternoon, and a Brazil bid leader promoted that idea.

Responding to a question today about Daley’s comments, Rio 2016 bid chairman Carlos Nuzman said, through a translator, that such issues are “in the hands” of the IOC ethics commission.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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