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Obamacare for Illegal Aliens: A Brief History
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Here’s my July 22 column on Obamacare for illegal aliens, which spotlights how the S-CHIP expansion’s loosened verification standards open the barn door.

Here’s my August 17 blog post on how hospitals are buckling under the weight of illegal alien care costs — and why it’s time to ration health care for illegal aliens.

Here’s my August 26 blog post on the Congressional Research Service report that exposed immigration loopholes in the Democrat health care takeover plan.

On September 9, GOP Rep. Joe Wilson called out President Obama on his false assertions that illegal aliens will be denied care under the Democrats’ proposals.

And today? Today, the Democrats squabbled over how to craft language to prevent illegal aliens from taking advantage of a public option program.

Surprise: They couldn’t figure out how to create the illusion of enforcement while appeasing the open-borders lobby.

So, they punted:

Health care negotiators in the Senate pressed for a way to ensure that illegal immigrants can’t get access to government-funded insurance, a contentious issue now front and center after a Republican congressman’s outburst during President Barack Obama’s speech.

The issue is one of several thorny problems that came up as a small group of negotiators on the Senate Finance Committee met Friday morning. Finance Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., is aiming to finalize legislation on Obama’s health overhaul by next week — though whether it’s bipartisan or not remains to be seen. Members of the group said they thought they’d settled the question of illegal immigration, but it came to the fore this week when Republican Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie” at Obama during his speech Wednesday. Obama had said illegal immigrants wouldn’t be covered under his health plan. Senators said that’s forced the committee to work on provisions verifying legal status before an individual can get coverage.

“We’ve always been there, but we have to make sure to get the right process and language,” said Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, one member of the so-called Gang of Six of three Republicans and three Democrats whom Baucus is leading.

Such verification can be tricky. Many Democrats fear that verification procedures keep legal residents from getting insurance, and in the House, they rejected Republican attempts to add verification requirements to the House health care bill. The negotiators put off extensive discussion of the illegal immigration issue until Monday and said aides would be working on language on that and abortion over the weekend.

Do you trust a government that can’t/won’t stop illegal aliens from getting home loans to write a health care bill that prevents them from getting government-subsidized insurance coverage?

Me, neither.

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