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Green Czar vs. Glenn Beck; Britain vs. Michael Savage
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Dissent must not be tolerated.

Jeff Poor reports on the left-wing boycott of Glenn Beck’s advertisers here.

Matthew Vadum connects the dots to Obama’s Green Czar, Van Jones, co-founder of Color of Change.

Erick Erickson launches a counter-boycott.

Michelle Oddis reports on the Hollywood ties.

A reader e-mails a link to a Support Glenn Beck site.


In Britain, the latest developments in the war on Michael Savage:

The government in the United Kingdom has dispatched a letter to talk radio icon Michael Savage that he must “repudiate” the views the government has attributed to him before he even can be considered for removal from a banned-in-Britain government list.

“It was emphasized that the onus is on your client to publicly renounce the statements which formed the basis of the decision to exclude him,” said a recent letter from the Litigation and Employment Group at the Treasury Solicitor’s Department in London.

“Any such repudiation must be genuine and comprehensive, and persuade my client that this is a true shift of position, in which case, my client would be prepared to consider this,” said the letter signed only “Treasury Solicitors” on the stationery that included the names Simon Harker, head of division, and Anne Werbicki, team leader.

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