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Thank You! Culture of Corruption at #1 on NYT List for Second Week
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Got word this afternoon that Culture of Corruption has held steady at #1 on the New York Times best-seller list for the second week in a row. Still have a long way to go to match my friend Mark Levin’s amazing success, but the response to the book has been humbling and heartening. Sean Hannity generously mentioned the book’s placement on the NYT list tonight in our segment on the continuing taxpayer revolts across the country (vid at Hot Air) — and I do think he’s right: There is a clear relationship between the rise of grass-roots conservative activism and the resurgence of best-selling books on the Right. Knowledge is power.

Many of you have written about bookstores being sold out of CoC across the country. Reader M. wrote:

I work at Borders in Alameda, CA. We got 10 copies of your book in and I planned on snagging one at the end of my shift but when I went to grab it off the shelf, the section was empty. We sold all 10 in a space of eight hours.

We have 25 more on order, but now I have to wait to read it!!

It’s definitely a good problem to have. Rest assured: Regnery is furiously re-supplying shelves and getting books through the pipeline.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support — and for continuing to spread and share the word.


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