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Caution: Obama's Weird Scientists at Work
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Nature reports that all the president’s science experts met last week “mull priorities.” Heading the meeting? Eugenics-embracer and science czar John Holdren.

Pay attention:

An elite group of 21 US researchers met publicly for the first time last week as the new advisory panel to US President Barack Obama on scientific and technical matters. But despite an enthusiastic inaugural meeting, it will take time to know how effective the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) will be.

PCAST has already put together its first report, on the government’s H1N1 pandemic strategy. Other topics likely to be high on its agenda include how science can help the economic recovery, and how best to deliver on Obama’s ambitious climate and energy research portfolio.

Opening the meeting on 6 August, co-chair John Holdren called the council “a spectacular cast of leaders of our science, technology and innovation communities”. Holdren, who is Obama’s chief science adviser, chairs PCAST with Harold Varmus, former director of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and Eric Lander, director of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The full group boasts three Nobel laureates and 16 members of the national academies of science, engineering or medicine.

The blogosphere and alternative media are the only sources of skepticism and investigation into Holdren’s radical views. The White House czar’s office continues to stonewall. The MSM continues to yawn.

No matter.

Blogger and Internet journalist Zombie, who first posted extensive PDF images of Holdren’s mass sterilization/forced abortion tract, Ecoscience, is back with a new report on Holdren’s intellectual mentor and colleague, Harrison Brown — whose work I called attention to last month.

Read it all here. Pass it on. Spread the word. The truth will out.

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