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ACORN Watch: Louisiana Investigates
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Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti

The Pelican Institute for Public Policy reports that the state of Louisiana is investigating ACORN.

It’s about time:

The Louisiana Attorney General has opened an investigation into the community-organizing organization ACORN.

“All we can say is we are investigating,” wrote Tammi Arender, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s office. “We can’t say much else since it’s open.”

She encouraged anyone with credible information about ACORN to call investigators at (225) 326-6120.

Gov. Bobby Jindal has been under pressure to investigate the nationwide organization, which is based in New Orleans. The chief complaints involve a case of a nearly $1 million embezzlement by the brother of the group’s founder which was never reported to authorities; the lack of accountability for the millions of dollars in taxpayer dollars that ACORN and its related groups have received over several years; and the potential for public money to be used by partisan affiliates of ACORN.

ACORN and its related Project Vote, a nationwide voter-registration drive, have earned the scorn of commentators and critics, who say the effort was a thinly veiled effort to push Democratic candidates and recruit new dues-paying ACORN members. ACORN workers in several states have been arrested in connection with voter-registration fraud, but the organization itself has not been charged with a crime.

Only last year did most of the 51-member governing board of ACORN learn of nearly $1 million in inappropriate charges to an ACORN credit account by Dale Rathke, brother of ACORN founder and then-leader Wade Rathke. Rather than report the incident to authorities, Wade Rathke worked with a small group of ACORN leaders to arrange for a repayment schedule by his brother. After more than $200,000 was repaid, an outside donor stepped in and repaid the balance.

That outside donor was Drummond Pike, far Left founder of the Tides Foundation and one of the money men funding the Astro-trufed Obamacare army.

As I report in my book, it’s all about the coordinated corruption. And as Kansas GOP candidate for secretary of state Kris Kobach put it so succinctly:

“ACORN is a criminal enterprise.”

Spread the word.


Related from Kevin Mooney at the Washington Examiner: ACORN could be fined $2,000 for missing PAC financial report.

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