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The Cone of Shame Awards
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Ever since we saw Up, our family has made a game of giving out “Cone of Shame” awards. Thought it would make a great blog feature, too.

The inaugural award winners:

Barbara Boxer, for last week’s naked display of liberal condescension, vapidity, and tone-deafness in her “I’ve got a black person’s report right here!” rejoinder to National Black Chamber of Commerce head Harry Alford’s testimony against cap and trade.

Here’s your Cone of Shame, ma’am:

And gotta fit one on Chris Dodd, for lobbyist-bashing hypocrisy in Washington second only to Team Obama’s.

Wear it proudly, corruptocrat:

And on the other side of the aisle, one for lovesick S.C. GOP Gov. Mark Sanford — still in office penning apologies claiming God on his side, quoting scripture, and promising to be more “humble” and “contrite” while spending less time “fighting the tide.” Which appears to mean giving in to the state Legislature more often to save his political hide.

He needs a muzzle and a box of Kleenex with his Cone of Shame:

Your nominees?

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