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More Soros-Bots Outnumbered at NY Health Care Counterprotest; Update: and in Orlando
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I said this afternoon in my post on the North Carolina health care counterprotest that grass-roots activists for fiscal conservatism are matching the lefty astroturf crowd person for person and sign for sign. I repeat: It’s happening more often than you’ll see in the NYTimes and on TV.

Here’s another report from an anti-MoveOn/anti-Obamacare counterprotest today — this one in Long Island, NY from Gathering of Eagles member Dan Maloney:

Patriots from the Conservative Society for Action, Gathering of Eagles, Active and the 912 Group rallied in front of the offices of Senator Charles Schumer to counter the staged pro-nationalized healthcare rally planned by and ACORN.

The first moonbats arrived and almost immediately called the police because they hate free speech and any opposition to their agenda. One of their old biddies called me a racist for opposing health care for illegal immigrants. Unfortunately for them the first amendment is still enforced in this country and the police would not interfere with our counter protest.

Keep it up!

See if you can spot the lone Soros-bot in this picture (hint: pink is the giveaway):


The pressure is working: House Democrats rebel against Obamacare juggernaut.


And in Orlando: MoveOn/ACORN minions were surrounded.

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