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Lying Sanford's Days Are Numbered. Hurry Up.
Please. Go. Now.
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I said what I had to say yesterday (“Dear Mark Sanford: Buy a one-way ticket to Argentina already and be gone.”)

The writing’s on the wall. What’s it going to take? Is he going to wait until one of the other women he “crossed the line with” comes forward to provide all the explicit details? How long long will he keep torturing his wife and kids?

Via The State:

Six of 27 members of the conservative Senate Republican Caucus Tuesday night issued a letter calling on Gov. Mark Sanford to resign.

Two additional senators considered among Sanford’s staunchest allies, also said they want him to resign though they did not sign the letter. Two other senior senators who spoke to the State said Tuesday’s revelations moved them closer to asking Sanford to step down.

The letter was crafted by Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler, R-Cherokee, and was circulated among Senate Republicans on Tuesday.

SC Governor

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford ponders a question as he admits during an interview Tuesday with The Associated Press that there were more encounters with his Argentine mistress than he previously has disclosed.

Martin’s reaction came after Sanford told The Associated Press he had more romantic meetings with his Argentinian lover, Maria Belen Chapur, than he previously admitted, including two trysts in New York.

Sanford told the news agency he also had “crossed the line” with other women.

Attorney General Henry McMaster, who is mulling a run for governor, called on SLED to investigate the governor’s travel after the new confessions.

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