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Dear Mark Sanford: Buy a One-Way Ticket to Argentina Already and be Gone
Sex, lies, and tears.
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I am getting almost as sick and tired of the never-ending Sanford circus as I am of the never-ending Jacko circus.

The mistress says she’s “hurt.”

The adulterous governor can’t stop yammering about God and the Bible.

And now there’s more sex, lies, and tears:

In a lengthy, emotional interview with The Associated Press, the governor described seven meetings with the woman, including their first in 2001. Sanford says there have been five over a 12-month period, including two multi-night stays with her in New York.

It was the first disclosure of any get-togethers with her in the United States and contradicted a public confession last week during which he admitted to a total of four encounters in the past year.

I found this passage in Cheaty McCheater’s latest online apology most stomach-turning:

So in the aftermath of this failure I want to not only apologize, but to commit to growing personally and spiritually. Immediately after all this unfolded last week I had thought I would resign – as I believe in the military model of leadership and when trust of any form is broken one lays down the sword. A long list of close friends have suggested otherwise – that for God to really work in my life I shouldn’t be getting off so lightly. While it would be personally easier to exit stage left, their point has been that my larger sin was the sin of pride. They contended that in many instances I may well have held the right position on limited government, spending or taxes – but that if my spirit wasn’t right in the presentation of those ideas to people in the General Assembly, or elsewhere, I could elicit the response that I had at many times indeed gotten from other state leaders.

Their belief was that if I walked in with a real spirit of humility then this last legislative term could well be our most productive one – and that outside this term, I would ultimately be a better person and of more service in whatever doors God opened next in life if I stuck around to learn lessons rather than running and hiding down at the farm.

They have also made the point that a good part of life is about scripts – that the idea of redemption isn’t something that Marshall, Landon, Bolton and Blake should just read about, it’s something they should see. Accordingly, they suggested that there was a very different life script that would be lived and learned by our boys, and thousands like them, if this story simply ended with scandal and then the end of office – versus a fall from grace and then renewal and rebuilding and growth in its aftermath.

He claims the best thing he can do for his boys is spend more time away from them trying to salvage his political career.

He wasn’t thinking of his boys’ best interests on Father’s Day weekend or over the past eight years. And he isn’t thinking of their best interests now.

So, go buy a one-way ticket to Argentina already, Gov. Sanford, and spare us all the continued spectacle and ready-for-prime-time agony.


What’s next: Mark Sanford bawling on Dr. Phil? Touring his NYC love nests w/Tyra Banks? Self-flagellating on The View?

Enough already.


Allahpundit: “His aides seriously need to start steering this guy away from microphones before he ends up telling us which positions he and Maria tried.”

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