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The DHS "Right-Wing Extremism" Report and the Holocaust Shooter
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Vindication! Vindication! Apologize! Apologize!

This is the gleeful mantra on the Left side of the blogosphere and cable TV.

A father/security guard/hero is dead and all these political opportunists can do is gloat about “vindication” that isn’t there.

I linked Greyhawk’s post on this issue at Mudville Gazette yesterday, but I am linking it again today. Read the whole thing. It’s updated with a powerful rejoinder from Fox News contributor Col. Ralph Peters, who takes on some of his fellow Fox colleagues parroting the “DHS report has been vindicated” propaganda.

Greyhawk reminds you of what the DHS report actually said:

DHS/I&A assesses that rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat. These skills and knowledge have the potential to boost the capabilities of extremists–including lone wolves or small terrorist cells–to carry out violence. The willingness of a small percentage of military personnel to join extremist groups during the 1990s because they were disgruntled, disillusioned, or suffering from the psychological effects of war is being replicated today.

* (U) After Operation Desert Shield/Storm in 1990-1991, some returning military veterans–including Timothy McVeigh–joined or associated with rightwing extremist groups.

* (U) A prominent civil rights organization reported in 2006 that “large numbers of potentially violent neo-Nazis, skinheads, and other white supremacists are now learning the art of warfare in the [U.S.] armed forces.”

* (U//LES) The FBI noted in a 2008 report on the white supremacist movement that some returning military veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have joined extremist groups

And who the Holocaust shooter actually is:

[Shephard] Smith and [Catherine] Herridge know they’re talking about a guy who claims to be an 89-year old WWII veteran. Unless he crashed a PT boat through the front doors of the Holocaust Museum, any military training from back in ’42 was not a factor.

Peters’s response and video clip via Greyhawk:

“Neil, I gotta say something. On Fox News of all places in the last hour I heard that this tragic incident at the Holocaust Museum somehow validates the disgraceful report from the Department of Homeland Security warning about a terror threat from our returning veterans from Iraq or Afghanistan. Neil, this guy served in World War Two. He’s been out of the military 64 years. He wasn’t career military, he was a career nut. Ten million Americans served in World War Two, of the millions who survived are you going to put them on a terrorist watch list? It had nothing to do with the Department of Homeland Security report.”

As I said on Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning, the Holocaust Museum shooter was an equal-opportunity hater and a lifetime loon.

More from Tom Maguire.

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