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I’ve been seeing a lemming-like increase in hand-wringing articles about the need for a GOP “hero.”

The latest comes from McCain/Bush flack Nicolle Wallace in “The Daily Beast” — Tina Brown’s liberal salon sprinkled with acceptable, non-conservative Beltway Republicans who swallow false premises whole.

Wallace parrots the line that the Republican Party needs an “effective communicator” who can match Obama’s “eloquence.”

Her genius, never-before-thought-of proposal: Get an actor!

Wallace floats Gary Sinise as the next “hero.”

Yes, Sinise is an attractive celebrity who has done fabulous work supporting our military.

But this makes him qualified to run for the highest office in the land and lead the GOP…how?!

The same people who derided Sarah Palin — whose executive experience outmatched the current man sitting in the White House — are now looking to Hollywood actors with zero political experience and unknown commitments to conservative principles?

Ask conservatives in California how the eloquent actor strategy is working out there now. Or ask the architects of the Fred Thompson campaign.

Acting experience and eloquence are not enough. If these party saviors think the lesson of Reagan is to turn politics into a casting call — find a shiny vessel first and worry about the contents later — the GOP is even more royally screwed than I thought.

As for Obama’s “eloquence,” it’s a sign of how out of touch these strategists are that they continue to accept that bogus premise.

What the GOP needs are more in-touch representatives who can communicate to the American people what an inarticulate, gaffetastic, wrong-headed politician Barack Obama really is (see the copious Hot Air archive of Ed Morrissey’s Obamateurisms of the Day).

Mimicking the Left’s idolatry isn’t the path to GOP salvation. It’s the path to permanent ruin.

The rebranders have it ass-backwards. The key isn’t rebranding the GOP. It’s rebranding Obama.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Barack Obama, GOP