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Frugal Shoe Friday!
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We’ve been having gentle fun on Twitter with the story of Michelle Obama’s $540 suede and patent sneakers.

Just search #shoefriday for a taste of what we’re wearing.

What’s on your feet today?

I’ve got $50 Banana Republic flats, which I thought were a splurge until I saw the other Michelle’s footwear. Usually wearing my ratty old New Balance sneakers, but have to leave the house today:

I don’t begrudge Michelle Obama’s fashion choices. The point is that she begrudges so many other Americans’ choices in how they earn their money. Will have more to say about that later. But for now: Happy Frugal Shoe Friday!


Lorie Byrd weighs in.

Rick at Brutally Honest: “For the first time in her life, MichelleO is proud of…her shoes.”

A reminder of how Obama played the class card against John McCain with the “Seven Houses” bash:

And a reminder about the furor over McCain’s $520 Italian loafers.

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