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It's one thing for Hollywood twit Janeane Garofalo to smear the Tea Party movement as RAAAAACIST. We expect ignorant celebrities to be ignorant. But when newspapers phone up "experts" in academia to provide commentary and analysis on social and political trends, it would be nice if they based their assessments on reality, wouldn't it? In... Read More
I'm in Chicago tonight for the "Sammies" awards -- presented by the Sam Adams Alliance. They do fabulous work on open government, transparency and blogivism. Full list of award winners here. Congrats to all! What are you up to this weekend?
Scroll for updates... I reported in my column this week the news the Tea Party-bashing MSM doesn't want to report: Republicans who supported the bailouts, the stimulus, and tax increases are in just as much hot water as Democrats. I told you that California GOP chairman Ron Nehring and GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger were booed... Read More
Click on the link for the full-size photo if you must. I can't stand to look at our president's dumb grin as he warmly greets Venezuela's thug-in-chief: Gag. And another handholding pic here: Ew. Did anyone smell sulfur during the photo op? Now, the Evil Clown (as Allahpundit calls him) can add his friendly pic... Read More
Fancy pants.
From George Will, the weirdest comment of the week: "Denim is the carefully calculated costume of people eager to communicate indifference to appearances." Er. Don't know about you, but in my case, denim is the "costume" of normal people who like wearing something comfortable and inexpensive in the home office, to the supermarket, on the... Read More
Here's a homeland security threat that doesn't fit the rightwing extremist profile. Paging Janet Napolitano. Oh, never mind: Remember: Nancy Pelosi thinks enforcing immigration laws is "un-American." Geraldo Rivera thinks it's "anti-American." And Barack Obama thinks ICE agents are "terrorizing" families. Climate of hate, anyone? *** More details from Greeley Tribune: The threat
Senators Coburn, Brownback, DeMint, Burr, Murkowski, Inhofe, and Vitter sent the following letter to DHS Secretary Napolitano yesterday concerning the DHS conservative hit job: April 16, 2009 The Honorable Janet Napolitano Secretary The Department of Homeland Security 310 7th street, S.W. Washington, DC 20528-0150 VIA FASCMILLE Dear Secretary Napolitano, We write today concerning the release... Read More
Ed Morrissey nails the buck-passers on the DHS rightwing extremism assessment: First, while the Bush administration might have wanted an assessment of right-wing extremist threats, it didn’t necessarily want one that painted returning veterans and conservative thought on abortion, illegal immigration, and federalism as extremist threats, nor did it want a threat assessment that couldn’t... Read More
Several parents with kids at UN-Chapel Hill have e-mailed me their outrage over the appalling treatment of Tom Tancredo. Yesterday, the chancellor sent the following note to parents: Dear Carolina Parents, To keep you informed, we are forwarding a message from Chancellor Holden Thorp that was disbursed to the University community today. Your Office on... Read More
Hey, how about an analysis of the Tax Day Tea Party movement that doesn't involve sexual jokes, Beavis & Butthead-style guffawing, or D-list allegations of RAAAAACISM? Here's my syndicated column on what Republicans in elected office -- and fiscal conservatives unhappy with double-talking GOP politicians -- need to take away from this week. Make it... Read More
Pay to play: It's the Obama way. So, really, is anyone surprised anymore? Steven Rattner, the leader of the Obama administration's auto task force, was one of the executives involved with payments under scrutiny in a probe of an alleged kickback scheme at New York state's pension fund, according to a person familiar with the... Read More
Content warning. Don't read any further if you've just had a meal and want to keep it down, ok? This is vulgarian Matt Taibbi: I have to say, I’m really enjoying this whole teabag thing. It’s really inspiring some excellent daydreaming. For one thing, it’s brought together the words teabag and Michelle Malkin for me... Read More
In case you missed it: Founding Bloggers was on the scene after beclowned CNN antagonist Susan Roesgen hectored Tea Party protesters. Watch it. Update: Looks like site may be down. Here's the vid: *** More on her hackery at Hot Air.
The free-speech squelchers at UNC-Chapel Hill threw a temper tantrum during Tom Tancredo's speech. I can hardly stomach watching the videos. And I am very grateful that Tancredo was not harmed. We've seen it so many times before: Administration officials and faculty who refuse to act like adults on campus. They are worse than AWOL.... Read More
Watch this. Liberal toady James Wolcott argues that since he didn't see big Tea Party crowds on his favorite left-wing tv stations and didn't read front-page stories about the protests in his favorite left-wing newspapers, they weren't newsworthy and no one really turned out except at the ones Fox News covered. C-SPAN host Susan Swain... Read More
Janet Napolitano made the media rounds this morning to face the public firestorm over DHS's hit job on conservatives. I'm calling it the Extremist Makeover tour. She offered an apology to veterans, saying it wasn't her intention to offend. It may not have been the intention of the report authors or Napolitano to offend or... Read More
Call the wah-mbulance. So, the Tea Party protests are "not fit for family viewing" according to one very unhappy CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, who also fumes over what she calls an "offensive" anti-Obama sign that compares Obama to a fascist. (And yes, I told you this was going to happen.) But guess what? Newsbusters caught... Read More
Something hugely significant just happened here at the Sacramento Tea Party. Organizer Mark Meckler singled out GOP opportunists who wouldn't give him the time of day weeks ago -- and then wanted to hitch their wagons to the Tea Party bandwagon at the last minute. Meckler said he heard that California GOP chair Ron Nehring... Read More
I just have one word: Wow. More than 800 tea parties across the country. Here's your first photo/vid round-up from the events across the country, large and small, every corner of this great nation (hit your refresh button often...I'll keep updating...11:20pm...just added tons more crowd pix and vid...trying to keep 'em all in one post... Read More
Hey, rightwing extremists: Just landed in Sacto. It's sunny and warm. Perfect day for a radical tea party. I've received tons of email from folks who aren't able to attend a tea party today because they have to, you know, work to pay for all the bailouts, non-stimulating stimuli packages, bloated budgets, etc. Many of... Read More
...if you are heading out to a Tea Party today! Here's my syndicated column on the DHS hit job. A few may be inclined to give DHS the benefit of the doubt. Andrew McCarthy reminds you of the many reasons why you should not. *** (Photoshop: Tennyson Hayes) You might be a “radicalized rightwing extremist”... Read More
It's here! For the Johnny-Come-Latelys in the MSM who will be dispatched by their editors to file obligatory stories about the hundreds of Tax Day Tea Party protests across the country today, here is a cheat sheet to get you up to speed. Feb. 15: Keli Carender, who blogs as "Liberty Belle" spread the word... Read More
(Design: Tennyson Hayes) Blog pioneer Glenn Reynolds, author of "An Army of Davids," has a nice overview of the Tea Party movement in the Wall Street Journal today. (We probably shouldn't use the phrase "army of (fill-in-the-blank) anymore" -- what with all the DHS warnings about "rightwing extremism chatter on the Internet" and "disgruntled military... Read More
Keep an eye out for the Tea Party crashers tomorrow. If you have other example to add to the list, give me a holler: 1) From Code Pink Website: Santa Monica Tea Party Wednesday, April 15th 2009 4:00--5:00 PM Santa Monica, CA The Santa Monica Tea Party of 2009 and Tea Parties all across America... Read More
Read it. Also note that the unnamed "prominent civil rights organization" that the DHS hit job cites to stoke anti-military paranoia is the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center -- which designated the American Legion a "hate group" for its pro-enforcement stance on immigration law. In the eyes of Obama's DHS, we are all "haters" now.
I'll be in Sacramento CA to cover the Tax Day Tea Party. FNC and FBN's Neil Cavuto show will be broadcasting live. Lloyd Marcus will be there to sing the Tax Day Tea Party anthem. And thousands of fed-up taxpayers are expected to converge to take on the big government spenders in both parties. GOP... Read More
Both and were down this morning. Not sure what the cause was, but our tech team has us both back up and running again. Thank you for your patience. Now, let's get back to the "rightwing extremist Internet chatter," shall we?
Yesterday, Roger Hedgecock and the Liberty Papers posted an unclassified DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis report titled: Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. The "report" (PDF file here) was one of the most embarrassingly shoddy pieces of propaganda I'd ever read out of DHS. I couldn't believe... Read More
Math is hard.
Math is hard. Can't get her taxes right. Can't figure out how much money she's received from one of the nation's most infamous abortion doctors. Best and the brightest, my friends. Behold Kathleen Sebelius the Lowballer: President Barack Obama's health secretary nominee got nearly three times as much political money from a controversial abortion doctor... Read More
Leslie at Temple of Mut blogged the San Diego Tea Party this weekend and took a pic of my favorite sign of the day: If you are a grass-roots activist who believes in fiscal accountability and transparency, you see a protester who is sending a clear message to the Chicken Littles in both parties in... Read More
Your tax dollars at work thanks to King of Pork John Murtha. Pennsylvania, why did you put this hog back in office. Why? (h/t William Amos):
Ay caramba. Look what the green job boondoggle in Spain bodes for the porkulus green jobs here in the U.S. Confirmation of what we already knew, but extremely useful nonetheless:
There's a famous quotation often attributed to Gandhi that goes like this: "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." After "then they ridicule you" I would add: "Then they smear you." As I warned last week, the smear campaign against the Tea Party movement has swung into... Read More
It has finally arrived. Sen. John Ensign asks a good question on Twitter this morning: "When will it come after Democrats pass their national energy sales tax?" You can print out Tax Freedom Day info cards here. *** Related: Cell phone tax hell in NY.
Reader Kyle S. e-mailed me this weekend: I'm a liberal who passes through your blog from time to time and although I disagree with you often (not always), I wanted to bring something to your attention that, though you might be aware of but I haven't seen on your blog (sorry if I missed it),... Read More
Our great friend Tennyson Hayes has started a new blog and website at You'll remember that Tennyson did the hilarious Chuck "Let them eat pork" Schumer photoshop last month that has popped up at some of the Tea Party protests. (Tennyson is also the mastermind behind SNOBama.) In addition to his new classified ad... Read More
Captain Richard Phillips paid tribute to the Navy and the SEAL snipers who shot and killed three pirates during rescue operations today. Here's a video clip from a recent documentary on Navy SEAL snipers. God bless 'em: The Navy SEALs page is here. *** Details from Bloomberg News: Sharpshooters firing from the fantail of a... Read More
Keeping the faith.
This is the full statement the White House released today in response to the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips: "I am very pleased that Captain Phillips has been rescued and is safely on board the USS Boxer. His safety has been our principal concern, and I know this is a welcome relief to his family... Read More
Flying the flag high today: Good news on this Easter Sunday. Captain Richard Phillips is free. Give thanks and praise. Reports say Captain Phillips jumped overboard again, and the US Navy moved in -- killing three of the pirates and taking one into custody. *** The headlines are not quite right. They should read: "Daring... Read More
A little something to get you in the mood for the Tax Day Tea Party:
Slide or seesaw first?
Dayo Olopade of The Root snapped an exclusive photo of President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showing America's strength and resolve while tackling the pirate crisis. In the war room? No. On the playground: Caption contest time. Have at it. *** Related: So much for restoring America's standing in the world. The London... Read More
My Good Friday column this week spotlights the religious oppression in Cuba that the Congressional Black Caucus tools of Fidel Castro choose not to see. If ignorance is bliss, the CBC members who went on tour with the tyrant are the most ecstatically happy people on the planet. And just a reminder that I'm on... Read More
I will be taking a few days off the blog beginning this afternoon for various and sundry reasons, though I will post my next syndicated column tomorrow and will be posting new lead stories through my Easter "break." While I'm tied up with other duties, we will have some wonderful guest bloggers pitching in. Doug... Read More
"It[']s good for us to say we are meeting with them."
A few weeks ago, President Obama complained about being so darned tired and overwhelmed that he couldn't deal with international matters and economic crises at the same time. The fish snoozes from the head down. A White House staffer who apparently shares Obama's weariness was so "sleep-deprived," reports CNN, that he/she sent out a draft... Read More
(Photoshop via Barking Moonbat EWS) On the radio this morning, I heard one of those pie-in-the-sky ads trying to convince people to sign up for some scheme to "improve their credit" and get a New Wii! I swear, Barack Obama is going to be appearing in one of those commercials any day now. Today, he's... Read More
See update below...remember Obama's unpaid bills to Philly?...1:05pm Eastern...Great news, all - Just heard from Diana. The problem has been resolved. "We are permitted to bring a PA system and a generator." Thank you for your help! Amy at Southern Belle has alerted me to a permit issue that may prevent the Philadelphia Tea Party... Read More
Yes, Virginia, the Obama administration is still living in fantasy land -- and wants to rope you into it, too. Here's a coffee-spurting headline for you this morning. Turn your head away from your computer screens upon reading: U.S. Imagines the Bailout as an Investment Tool Wait, wait. It gets better: Seriously. They are still... Read More
Scheduled to appear on Fox&Friends this morning at the usual 8:15am Eastern. Breakfast: Circle K coffee and one of those huge coffee cake thingies. You?
I'm not sure why Drudge is hyping the New York Times' stenography piece on Obama's plans to carry through on his promise to pitch a shamnesty bill. It's not news. It's a White House-planted distraction sourced mainly to La Raza/The Race lobbyist-turned-White House open borders czar Cecilia Munoz. I pointed a few weeks ago to... Read More
The JFK Assassination and the 9/11 Attacks?
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.