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The $3.6 Trillion Midnight Spending Spree
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While you were sleeping, Congress was hard at work…passing the $3.6 trillion budget spending your hard-earned money. A bunch of fiscal restraint amendments were adopted to create an aura of responsibility — with Democrat senators openly confessing they’ll just throw the amendments out during conference. And who knows what other chicanery will occur in the backrooms:

The House and Senate approved budgets of about $3.5 trillion for the government on Thursday with no Republican support, a sign of deep partisan tensions likely to color Congressional efforts to enact major policy initiatives sought by President Obama.

On the heels of House approval of its spending plan for 2010, the Senate voted 55 to 43 shortly before midnight to adopt a similar budget after a day spent laboring over politically tinged amendments that did little to change a fiscal blueprint generally in keeping with Mr. Obama’s ambitious agenda.

Make me gag:

“This responsible budget will start cleaning up the mistakes of the past and make critical investments in our future,” Senator Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada and the majority leader, said.

Staunch conservative champion Sen. Tom Coburn sums up the behemoth as “73 pages and trillions of dollars in spending” and fellow fiscal warrior Jim DeMint advises the grass-roots: “Thanks to everyone this week who have followed the budget battle and called their senators. Keep fighting for freedom.”

Don’t get mad. Get mobilized.

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