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Gee, I thought Obama ushered in the Age of Post-Racialism. Another illusion busted by Louisville Courier-Journal columnist Betty Baye:


I don’t recall ever using that word before in a column, but it’s a great description of how some folks are behaving toward President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama…

…To be sure, the flummoxed come in all shapes, sizes and colors. There’s Rush Limbaugh, the perpetually angry white guy, and Michelle Malkin, the acidic Asian-American columnist, who has written that the mere sight of Michelle Obama on a video frightened her young son. And don’t forget Thomas Sowell, the African-American economist and syndicated columnist. All are apoplectic about Barack Obama’s rise.

Mrs. Baye, I never wrote that Michelle Obama “frightened” my son. Not that you’ll correct it — non-acidic liberal columnists play by different rules — but here’s what I actually wrote and light-heartedly so in my post about Mrs. O’s public service video:

While I was watching it, my five-year-old son complained: “Mommy, that’s annoying me.” I know how he feels.

You can say that again, little buddy!


Speaking of Mrs. O…

And no, I am neither “flummoxed” nor “frightened” by this depressing item.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Michelle Obama, Race relations