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G20 Thugs Impersonate Police, Break Into Bank
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A taste of things to come, just as I wrote last week. These people deserve to have the book thrown at them. But if past treatment of anti-capitalist anarchists here and abroad is any guide, they’ll get wrist slaps again — guaranteeing another global tantrum.

Anti-capitalist protesters are believed to have broken into a branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland in the centre of London today after smashing windows with a volley of missiles.

With police on horseback unable to maintain control and being forced back, a series of windows at the building were broken, graffiti was daubed on the walls and there were reports that some protesters had broken into the branch.

Hundreds of protesters were seen to converge on the bank, on the corner of Threadneedle Street and Bartholomew Lane, as a total of 4,000 demonstrated outside the Bank of England nearby.

As police on horseback and in riot gear proved unable to protect the building, which was thought to be empty, officers with dogs charged at the crowd in an attempt to force them back. The crowd were heard to chant: “Shame on you” as officers drove them away from the door…

With the demonstrations – carried out by a combination of anarchists, anti-war protesters, environmentalists and others – rapidly heating up, Scotland Yard said cordons had been put up all around the surrounding area in response to “increasing levels of violence.”

…Police confirmed earlier that 11 people had been arrested for impersonating police officers as they travelled towards Bishopsgate in uniform in a fake armoured personnel carrier.

Oh, you’ll love this:

Among those spotted among the crowd was the comedian Russell Brand, who said he was accompanying the marchers because he was interested to see why the protest was taking place.

That’s the same anti-American asshat who Meghan McCain thinks is “freaking hilarious.”

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