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Liveblogging the Lexington KY Tea Party; Ridgefield CT Tea Party Protesters Say "DUMP DODD;" 3k in Orlando; Raleigh NC Represents
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Scroll for updates…3,000 in Orlando…no national wire coverage of these thousands of protesters across the country, but AP covers measly anti-war protest turnout in Washington…

There are between 300-500 peaceful, grass-roots activists protesting out-of-control government spending in Lexington KY. *Update: Organizer Leland Conway e-mails that final tally on attendance at Lexington is 1,200-1500.*

Reader Eric is liveblogging. Here’s one of his crowd photos:

You can find more on Twitter.

Meantime, Tax Day Tea Party planning is in full swing.

Lloyd Marcus has penned an American Tea Party anthem.


Reader Jennifer e-mails that another 200 folks turned out in Ridgefield CT for a Tea Party protest. “DUMP DODD” was a popular sentiment. Photo (more here):

And here’s a short vid clip:

Local press coverage:

Flags-wavers, bell-ringers, some in colonial military get-up, others wearing American flags as capes: angry Americans gathered 200 to 300 strong at Ridgefield’s Ballard Park Saturday morning to vent their frustration.

“Dump Dodd now!” and “We’re not Europe!” and “It’s not your money!” they chanted.

Passing drivers honked, waved or gave them the thumbs up sign.

They came from Ridgefield, Fairfield, Bridgeport, Bethel, and other towns for what had been billed as a modern “tea party.” They carried signs: “Give me liberty, not Europe,” “Obama lies and America dies,” “Socialism is trickle-up poverty,” “Wanted: Loving families for released GITMO terrorists — Call 1-800-I-Voted-For-Obama,” and “Support Our Troops.”

Organizer Chris Murray’s school-age son Peter carried a sign that said, “Broke before my turn.”

“I went to one in Hartford, this is twice as much,” said former Ridgefield School Board Chairman Keith Miller. “This is three or four hundred. Hartford had 150.”

While the protesters had a range of grievances, from illegal immigration to worries that the country was turning to socialism, the dominant themes seemed to be mis-spending of tax dollars, piling up debt, and the growth of government.

“If you talk to these people, most of it is fiscal irresponsibility,” Mr. Miller said. “People cannot fathom the level of debt — for their grandchildren.”

Particular politicians were also targeted — particularly Connecticut U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd and President Barack Obama.

“I want to dump Dodd and I want to dump Dodd and get rid of Obama as soon as it’s legally possible,” said Jamie Shafer of Wilton Road West. “I’m very worried about my country — it’s an outrage a day.”


Instapundit has more on the Orlando Tea Party, where 3,000 turned out and the Raleigh NC Tea Party, where 300-400 gathered on the Capitol steps to protest government run amok.

Local Orlando TV covers thousands of protesters:

Reader Karin sends more pics from Orlando. Love to see Old Glory!

More Orlando photos from Randy Thomas. And from Pereiraville.

And a Flickr set of Raleigh NC photos from reader Donna J.

Maybe if the Tea Party protesters burned the American flag instead of waving it proudly, the AP would send out reporters…

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