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Chinagate-Tainted Gary Locke "Sails Through" Confirmation Hearing
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I really don’t want to hear it later from Senate Republicans if Commerce Secretary nominee Gary Locke gets himself in an ethics mess after he’s approved.

Washington has been warned — not just by me, but by many other close observers of the former Washington state governor who have followed his career marked by sloppy adherence to campaign finance laws and corporate cronyism. (The Washington Times follows up on one Chinagate thread I reminded all of you about last month based on my Seattle Times reporting in the 1990s.) The rest of the MSM has done a fine job whitewashing Locke’s record.

For their part, Senate Republicans find his record “boring:”

Locke was President Barack Obama’s third choice for the post. The other two, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Sen. Judd Gregg, a New Hampshire Republican, withdrew. If confirmed, Locke would be the first Cabinet secretary from Washington state since the Carter administration in the 1970s.

Locke was nominated only three weeks ago. Compared with other Obama nominations, his has moved quickly.

Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., said his panel could vote on the nomination as early as today if Locke were able to answer written questions from the members.

None of the Republicans on the committee indicated he or she would vote against Locke.

Rockefeller said he and Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, the panel’s top Republican, had reviewed Locke’s background check done by the FBI and his financial statements.

“They were clean,” Rockefeller said.

“Boring would be a better word,” Hutchison said.


Like I said: Don’t express shock and surprise later if/when Commerce Secretary Locke screws up later.

Yawn now, whine later. Seems to be the Washington way.

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