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Correction/Update: Coburn Anti-Earmark Vote Now; Competitive Bidding Amendment Fails, 38-57; Earmark Ban Fails 43-52
Hog wild. (Photoshop credit: Reader Matt)
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Correction/update. The Coburn amendment that failed 38-57 earlier this afternoon was the competitive bidding amendment. Roll call vote here.

5:37pm Eastern. GOP Sen. Tom Coburn trying to strip 11 stinky earmarks from the omni-pork bill this afternoon. Anticipating it will go down as well.

So, Sen. Carl Levin gets his $3.8 million for Tiger Stadium.

And Sen. Tom Harkin gets his $1.8 million swine and manure odor treatment funding. From a Hill source, here’s a bit of the exchange between Harkin and Coburn:

HARKIN: “So I suppose we’ll hear a lot of jokes on David Letterman and Jay Leno and a lot of other people will be making jokes about this money for manure. But keep in mind this is not wasteful, or unnecessary, or frivolous. This is very important in the daily lives in the people of my state, in North Carolina and every other place where we raise swine.”

COBURN: “We slaughter 10,000 hogs a day in one plant in Oklahoma. I know exactly what it smells like. I’ve traveled every farm area in the country and my state. I know what farm odors are like. As a matter of fact, to me, a lot of it smells pretty good compared to what you smell in the cities, but the fact is, is it a priority that we spend that money now?”

A commenter below requested an “OINK if you love Barack” sticker. Reader Matt serves one up:


From Coburn’s page, a breakdown of the earmarks he wanted stripped:

Coburn amendment #610 would save $16,435,000 by striking the following earmarks:

• $1,900,000 earmark for the Pleasure Beach Water Taxi Service in Connecticut;

• $3,800,000 earmark to preserve the remnants of Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy in Michigan;

• $238,000 earmark for the Polynesian Voyaging Society of Honolulu, Hawaii, which organizes sea voyages in ancient-style sailing canoes;

• $380,000 earmark for restoration and preservation of Maine’s historic lighthouses for the American Lighthouse Foundation in Rockland, Maine;

• $300,000 earmark to commemorate the 150th anniversary of John Brown’s raid on the arsenal at Harpers Ferry National Historic Park in West Virginia;

• $1,791,000 earmark for swine odor and manure management research in Ames, Iowa;

• $200,000 earmark for tattoo removal in Mission Hills, California;

• $1,500,000 earmark for the California National Historic Trail, Interpretive Center and Nevada Ampitheater

• $5,471,000 earmark for the Harkin grant program for Iowa

• $380,000 earmark for construction of recreation and fairgrounds in Kotzebue, Alaska;

• $475,000 earmark for improvements to Orange County Great Park in California.


Update: Here’s the roll call vote on the earmark ban. Failed 43-52.

Republicans voting against the Coburn amendment and with the Dems?

Specter and Voinovich.

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