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New IPhone App: Bail-O-Matic!
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Bryan Wills e-mails:

I’m not sure if you are an iPhone-person or not, but knowing you share my disdain for the bailouts I thought you would appreciate this:

I am an iPhone developer and I created a free app called “The Bail-O-Matic: Responsibility Remover”. It is essentially a giant red button that says “BAIL ME OUT” on it. You can simply concentrate on something you no longer want to deal with and just hit the button. Seconds later (if you are a complete fool) you will find that you are no longer accountable for anything. It’s sort of like a “Magic 8-Ball meets the Big Red Easy button” i guess.

The user is also presented with a “Do It For Yourself” button that displays a listing of self-help books on everything from basic economics to personal productivity for those who prefer the bootstraps approach.

Here is a link to the Bail-O-Matic site I created for the app.

Here is the link to the app in iTunes Store.

Just downloaded it for my iPhone 3G and am ready for responsibility absolution!

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