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Washington is going to be THE place to be on Friday. First, the Tea Party. Then, this: (Hat tip: Diana West) Sen. Jon Kyl has also invited Wilders to
(Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti) Tons of groups and individuals are stepping up to the plate in the wake of last week's anti-stimulus/anti-entitlement protests and the call for a nationwide Tea Party. PJTV's clearinghouse for protests is here. The New American Tea Party page from "a coalition of citizens and organizations concerned about the recent trend... Read More
President Obama just finished up his opening remarks at a "fiscal responsibility" summit to address skyrocketing budget deficits. How about paying your own damn bills first, Mr. President? There's yet another new report of Obama campaign/DNC unpaid bills -- this one from Springfield, Illinois. Obama owes the city at least $65,000 for overtime and other... Read More
"Monkey business."
Scroll down for updates...I got Howard Kurtz's reaction... Al Sharpton's cartoon jihad against the New York Post has other newsrooms trembling. Check out this preemptive apology from the Washington Post printed in yesterday's paper: Do you want to see the "lapse?" It's an illustration accompanying a humor column by Gene Weingarten titled "Monkey Business" about... Read More
Your casa is not my casa.
Repeat after me: Property value-preservation is not a civil right. Craig Meister at the points me to this typical CNN sob story clip of a bus driver named Minta Garcia who is demanding that President Obama halt all foreclosures. She's underwater on an $800,000 home. Embedded video from CNN Video From the transcript: Tell... Read More
You cannot appease racial grievance-mongers. This man's appetite for destruction is insatiable. You can take them to dinner, put them on TV, give them awards, welcome them to the White House (!), bow and scrape, and kiss their rings. But it will never, never be enough. Al Sharpton and the rest of the demagogues are... Read More
On Feb. 18, I warned about the ACORN civil disobedience mob working in ideological tandem with Barack Obama to bully Washington into passing a massive new foreclosure prevention/mortgage entitlement scheme. On Feb. 20, I noted that ACORN garnered nationwide media attention for breaking and entering into a foreclosed home in Baltimore at 315 South Ellwood... Read More Barack Obama. Related: Obama plans “soak the rich” class-warfare economics
News broke over the weekend that an arrest may be imminent in the Chandra Levy murder case. There is reportedly DNA evidence linking Levy to illegal alien sex offender Ingmar Guandique. His name should be familiar to those of you who have followed the story over the years. I first wrote about Guandique nearly seven... Read More
President Obama just recently called GOP Transportation Secretary nominee Ray LaHood one of his "favorite Republicans." Er, uh, um, not anymore: It's the Emily Litella presidency. All together now: Neeeeeever mind.
Seattle on Monday. Denver on Tuesday. Mesa AZ on Wednesday. Overland Park, Kansas today. What a week, huh? We got the anti-stimulus, anti-entitlement protest ball rolling -- and now the movement, spurred further by CNBC host Rick Santelli's call for a "Chicago Tea Party," is really taking off. David Hogberg at Investor's Business Daily has... Read More
L’Jerk c’est Moi .
Our wonderful friend and Photoshop guru Tennyson Hayes has returned with yet another delicious take on Beltway snobs. In response to Sen. Chuck Schumer's derision of Americans who care about the pork in the porkulus, Tennyson powders up Schmucky and tops him off with Marie Antoinette's big white wig. Perfect:
Team of Deadbeats.
This morning, I mentioned Team Obama/DNC's unpaid bills in Chicago. Guess what? The Team of Deadbeats owes the City of Brotherly Love, too (hat tip -David R): BARACK OBAMA spent a record $760 million getting himself elected president. But his campaign, Obama for America, still owes Philadelphia nearly $24,000 for several pre-election events, and the... Read More
Up in smoke.
Read this on the plane this morning: Did you know that pipe smoking is the new cool thing among college kids and young people? Via the WSJ: Dan Nemets, a sophomore at Central Michigan University, likes the TV show "Family Guy," heavy-metal musician Ozzy Osbourne and a good pipe. Mr. Nemets took up pipe smoking... Read More
Heading to Texas for a Lincoln Day Dinner event. Here's an open thread. Behave!
Both parties in Washington are united behind the principle that it is government's role to prevent a massive number of foreclosures -- and use your money to bail underwater homeowners out. Why? Last July, I chronicled a case study in why the tax dollars of responsible taxpayers should not be siphoned off to indiscriminately rescue... Read More
On Wednesday, I said prepare for lawlessness as ACORN's civil disobedience mob steps up pressure for President Obama's mortgage entitlement expansion. Well, are you ready, Baltimore? (Hat tip - Jeff Quinton) ACORN's troops are breaking the padlocks and breaking into homes. And this is just the start. Caution: OBAMACORN at work. Taxpayer-subsidized anarchy is on... Read More
My syndicated column reports on the growing, grass-roots movement against porkulus/spending binges/the entitlement culture from Seattle to Denver to Mesa, Arizona and beyond. Why aren't you hearing about it in the MSM? Because it doesn't fit the victim mentality/government savior narrative. We don't exist, remember? Well, more of you non-existent rebels will be gathering in... Read More
Personal responsibility for thee, but not for He.
"Shared sacrifice" apparently means shafting your hometown and letting your victory day celebration bills go unpaid. What happened to "We must all pay?" The deadbeat fish rots from the head down. Via Sun-Times: Chicago has yet to recoup the $1.74 million cost of President Obama's victory celebration in Grant Park -- despite a burgeoning $50.5... Read More
It's about time. KDKA reports Turncoat Caucus Sen. Arlen Specter was met with jeers at a Pa. press conference. Betrayal of core fiscal conservative principles has consequences. Maybe Sen. Specter can dial up the president, who can stroke his ego and call him a patriot again to make him feel better.
Al Sharpton and his race racketeers went ape over New York Post staffer Sean Delonas's anti-stimulus editorial cartoon involving that famous crazed chimp. They picketed the News Corp. building, organized boycotts, targeted advertisers, floated a challenge to Rupert Murdoch's FCC license -- and now the New York Post has apologized. Oops. Can I say "went... Read More
<img src=" alt="" / Well, Attorney General Eric Holder, here's your conversation about race: House Majority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina is now accusing GOP governors who have fundamental misgivings about the trillion-dollar stimulus of opposing the law because they don't like black people. Who's being divisive, Eric Holder? Who's obsessed with race? Who... Read More
I want you to look at this chart, via While ACORN and the housing entitlement mob get all the press, look who's not getting attention. Now, here's some feedback in response to my appearance on FNC's Neil Cavuto show this afternoon in support of renters (self included) who are getting the shaft from the... Read More
"Rot In Hell!!!!!!!!!"
Sharing some angry letters from the overflowing e-mailbox -- and then I'll dutifully put on my duct tape and go sit in the corner. Not. From Bernard Woodward... Hello Michele, I've saw you various times on Fox news and I've noticed that you are consistently critical of The President and you never have anything good... Read More
On the home front.
From Judicial Watch's Jill Farrell (background links/info here): The Federal Election Commission (FEC) notified Judicial Watch this week that it has “closed the file” on our complaint against Senator Barack Obama for allegedly accepting a below market rate mortgage loan in 2005 not available to the general consumer. In its factual and legal analysis, however,... Read More
Wish list.
So, a CNBC host is calling for a new "tea party" to protest Barack Obama's out-of-control spendulus/entitlement culture? We've been doing it all week. Seattle, Denver, Mesa. Kansas this weekend. And more outbreaks to come. I'm posting a second round of photos from KFYI's anti-porkulus protest in Arizona yesterday in opposition to Barack Obama's visit... Read More
Obamedia Drool Bucket Award.
This might possibly be the most obsequious, embarrassing paean to Barack Obama by a Washington Post writer since, well, the last one. The president kept his shirt on for the plane ride, so we don't get any commentary from WaPo syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker about The One's sun-kissed, chiseled pectorals. But we do learn that... Read More
No, not really. But hell, why not? This is the actual headline: E.P.A. Expected to Regulate Carbon Dioxide Translation: Another billion, trillion, multiple gazillion down the drain in the name of our savior-based economy. I can't breathe.
''They said, 'It's because of the sign in your window.'"
You can't use crazed, frenzied chimps in cartoons to criticize the crazed, frenzied passage of the stimulus. (Yes, there are now protests being staged against the NYPost.) You can't say "Thug Thizzle" or "That One" or "Tricked Out" or wear white or put Franklin Raines in a campaign ad And, now, you can't make statements... Read More
The AP has a story declaring that GOP South Carolina Mark Sanford will take stimulus money "despite misgivings." On Fox News this morning, Sanford expressed a more nuanced approach -- asserting that he'll be going through the plan "with a fine-tooth comb" to determine what funding would be worth accepting given "the strings attached." As... Read More
Reader Amanda e-mails: "A protest has been scheduled for Rep. Dennis Moore's office (D-KS) in Overland Park, KS on Sat. the 21st at 10 am in response to his support of the Stimulus Package." From Seattle to Denver to Mesa to Overland Park, the grass-roots movement for fiscal responsibility is spreading. What are you doing... Read More
Scheduled to appear on Fox&Friends this morning for my regular Thursday visit at around 8:15am Eastern. Off to find some caffeine...
We need all the glimmers of hope we can get. Take 'em where you can find 'em. From an East Valley Tribune story on students at Mesa, AZ's Dobson High School, where the president/savior spoke earlier today: Some of the students attentively watched the speech, giving questioning looks and comments, shaking their heads and laughing... Read More
Taegan Goddard e-mailed a late-breaking bulletin tonight of a Capitol Hill pork scandal in the works: Earmark Scandal Breaking There's a potentially big story breaking on Capitol Hill... Apparently 104 members of Congress of both parties -- 42 Republicans and 62 Democrats -- secured earmarks for a lobbying firm linked to Rep. John Murtha (D-PA)... Read More
All hail the savior-based economy!
I love this. At the Mesa AZ protest against President Obama, KFYI listeners brought signs telling Santa Obama what they wanted from the savior-based economy. Hats off to KFYI's Bruce Jacobs and J.D. Hayworth. Reader Al Swanson sent these priceless pics. Dude, where's our bailout? Amen, brother:
Speak for yourself.
AG Eric Holder says we're a "nation of cowards" on race. (link) Funny. When I think of racial cowards, I think of Barack Obama at Jeremiah Wright's church, sitting there week after week, year after year, saying nothing about the separatist demagoguery echoing from the pulpit to the pews. When I think of racial cowards,... Read More
Vox populi.
Seattle. Denver. Now, as I mentioned yesterday, Mesa, Arizona. Those "chattering classes" are everywhere, aren't they, Schmucky? With talk radio powerhouse KFYI leading the way, more than 500 protesters showed up to protest President Obama's spending binges. What about you? More than 500 protest Obama's arrival With signs in hand, protests await President's arrival in... Read More
Last week before the Generational Theft Act was rammed through, I called the sneaky provision to prevent governors from turning down stimulus money the "Punish Mark Sanford Amendment." South Carolina Rep. and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn stuck the language into the bill to target GOP S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford -- a leading fiscal conservative... Read More
Hmmmm. Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin took time from his Greece junket to comment on the Senate ethics probe now under way into Roland Burris's possible perjury: Tom Elia questions the timing: Now that it looks almost certain that Illinois Sen. Roland Burris lied under oath about his contacts with impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (and... Read More
The White House just released the dirty details of Obama's massive mortgage entitlement program. Bottom line: Refinancing for Up to 4 to 5 Million Responsible Homeowners to Make Their Mortgages More Affordable A $75 Billion Homeowner Stability Initiative to Reach Up to 3 to 4 Million At-Risk Homeowners Supporting Low Mortgage Rates By Strengthening Confidence... Read More
D'oh. But since it wasn't the fault of Fox News or a Republican, you'll barely hear a peep about it.
The Pope's rebuke of pro-abortion Catholic Nancy Pelosi was diplomatically worded, of course. But as transparent as Scotch tape. Wham. Pelosi's response? Blink, blink. Blink. *** More from Ed Morrissey:
Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti My syndicated column today looks at the massive mortgage entitlement campaign launched by President Obama today -- and the concurrent, anti-foreclosure bullying campaign launched by ACORN. I've been warning about this for weeks (see here, here, here, and here) -- and in particular, I've been blasting the Republicans for playing right... Read More
Actually, it is easy being green.
At the invitation-only porkulus signing in Denver yesterday, President Obama exalted Namaste Solar, a Boulder-based company that made the solar panels adorning the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. The CEO of Namaste, Blake Jones, extolled his savior: Well, the little point I want to stress is that Namaste has already benefited from generous government... Read More
For eight years, we've heard "Bushitler" invoked endlessly. Again: And again. And again. And again. And again: Now, the tables have been turned. Some folks are invoking Nazi allusions against Barack Obama. I've pretty much stayed away from using such rhetoric against those with whom I disagree -- especially having been on the receiving end... Read More
(Photo credit: PPC) First, Seattle. Then Denver. Next stop: Mesa, Arizona. President Obama will be there tomorrow to push his massive mortgage entitlement expansion. The opposition will not be silenced. KFYI is taking the lead. Go here for all the details. I'd kick in for another round of pulled pork for the protesters, but Obama... Read More
Culture of corruption, Part 9,999,995.
Scroll for updates...more vid and pic links below... (From my iphone/twitpic) (Photo via People's Press Collective) Hundreds of taxpayers took time out of their busy day to protest President Obama's "stimulus" bill-signing in Denver today. Jim Pfaff of Colorado Americans for Prosperity, Jon Caldara and the Independence Institute, former Rep. Tom Tancredo, and several GOP... Read More
What an unspeakable relief for their families.
From reader Matthew R, who e-mails: "Obama will use as much energy in flight to CO as the museum's solar panels can produce in 4 years." Thought you might find this interesting - according to the info I found on Boeing's website and elsewhere, the 747-200 that operates as Air Force One uses anywhere from... Read More
The JFK Assassination and the 9/11 Attacks?
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.