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The Washington Post's Comical Preemptive Apology
Monkeying around.
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Remember the Washington Post’s ridiculous preemptive apology for a totally innocuous cartoon featuring an ape — an apology that the WaPo’s own media critic Howard Kurtz told me was “odd?”

Today, the paper printed a letter that castigated the editors for their comical crouch. The writer is dead-on: The decision is beyond odd. It’s cowardly.

The paper deserves to be publicly humiliated:

Saturday, February 28, 2009; Page A11

Regarding your Feb. 22 Editor’s Note on “Monkey Business,” Gene Weingarten’s Below the Beltway column of the same day regarding a survey on sexual attraction:

Oh, good grief. What has the world come to? Are we now forbidden from ever again publishing a cartoon or a humor piece involving a chimp, ape, rhesus monkey or any other primate?

And are we so afraid of Al Sharpton that preemptive apologies are necessary for the most innocent and benign cartoons and articles? Your cowardice is appalling.

— Roy W. Barnes


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