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I Have to Shut Up Now. People of Color Aren't Supposed to Criticize Dear Leader.
"Rot In Hell!!!!!!!!!"
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Sharing some angry letters from the overflowing e-mailbox — and then I’ll dutifully put on my duct tape and go sit in the corner. Not.

From Bernard Woodward…

Hello Michele,

I’ve saw you various times on Fox news and I’ve noticed that you are consistently critical of The President and you never have anything good to say in his regard and I’m very offended by that, it’s as if you criticize him not for what he does so much but you criticize him for who and what he is, because he’s the first “African American President” in the history of this country. It’s as if you only come on when there is something to criticize President Barack Obama about or any other Black person. I wonder sometimes if you have any mirrors in the place that you reside. You are not caucasian or should I say, “a white woman”, don’t you realize that if black people were not in this country, more than likely you wouldn’t be as accepted by the powers that be, you don’t know how it feels to be directly affected as well as infected with the virus of racism, you may not be familiar with the term or the experience of “white supremacy”, don’t you realize that the only reason they have you on their broadcast is because of the critcism you have of President Barack Obama, wake up and smell the coffee, or maybe you are aware of it and don’t mind being their little lap dog but whatever the case, I find you to be very offensive and I hope that you would consider what you’re doing and put an end to it because whether you know it or not you’re also in a lesser class or considered to be lower class in the eyes of the white supremist that own an run that station.

Thank you very much

From Judith Fleming…

Only a Republican would consider money for education as “pork” ! Successful blacks like you are able to leave the “hood” and you never look back and give a helping hand. Shame on you.

From “Infinit” (language warning)…

Hey you dumb c*nt!! I just read your article where you were bashing the lady in Fort Myers and that just blew me away. I usually don’t get offended by retards such as yourself but this was an exception. You see, Henrietta is the face of America right now and if you can’t identify with that maybe you don’t belong in this country. I know your off in some other reality within yourself but you really should reconsider the real reality here in America.

I know most people don’t understand that it is your job to take the unpopular opinion to get ratings so when you are all alone with no one around then maybe you will be able to understand Henrietta’s real problem.

I know this is a long shot to try and reach out to someone like yourself but it was worth a try.

Please come back to the real world we could use you.

From “funnyalex04” (language warning)…


You are so ruthless you know that. First with SCHIP and now you attack my hometown in your stupid little column and that innocent woman who is homeless. Let’s not forget you are a rich elite and selfish bitch. Obama wanted to help the woman, he did that in Chicago and it’s better than taking a job on Wall Street with the rest of the crooks. By the way, seeing that he is The Messiah isn’t such a bad thing. At least he gives a damn about the people. What good have you done for your country besides bashing the ones like Obama who want to be there for the people. And here’s a really big question, would you be mad if John McCain had done this in Ft. Myers? I’m really beginning to think you are a racist. Give me 2 reasons to think you aren’t.

Your bigoted comments make me wish that your jaw gets fucked up more than your hero Ann Coulter’s did. And it shouldn’t be a surprise that she caused more problems once she started talking again. I can’t believe she would even have to explain. She plead her case, Obama wanted to help her. But once again you go ahead and bash her. I’d like to see you walk a week in her shoes as a homeless person. You wouldn’t survive. You pampered little bitch.

Oh and great news, The Senate has passed The Stimlus Bill. I know you are crying a river over that. Oh wait I forgot, you are rich and you don’t want to help the people. You wanna hold on to your bacon. I bet you’ve never had financial trouble or been unemployed your whole life.

I love my hometown even though I have only lived here a few months. I’m still trying to find my way as many people are. But just because you are successful and don’t agree with what Obama is doing, don’t be a hyprocritical bigotted cunt and judge what he is doing which is helping Americans who really need the help because you didn’t get your away with Old Man McCain and Cruella De Ville. If you had it your way we would do nothing.

Rot In Hell!!!!!!!!!

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