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Angry Renters, Unite!
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I want you to look at this chart, via While ACORN and the housing entitlement mob get all the press, look who’s not getting attention.

Now, here’s some feedback in response to my appearance on FNC’s Neil Cavuto show this afternoon in support of renters (self included) who are getting the shaft from the housing entitlement-mongers:

From reader Sean…


I just saw you on Cavuto and had to write. Thank you for being someone who actually gets it. Both my wife and I enjoy your commentary. My wife and I were married in 2006 and currently rent an apartment in Columbia, MO. Our rent is cheap and we were going to buy a house when we got married but figured we would be responsible and save our money for a large down payment. We have held off buying a home because we felt the need to be financially sound and have an investment into our home. Neither of us have any debt, my MBA is paid for, and we have saved enough for a large down payment. We are now ready to buy a home, only to realize we are getting screwed by our government. It’s a sad day when those who are not responsible are rewarded for being complete dolts! Anyways….we’ll make it. Thanks for sticking up for us.

From reader Randy…


Thank you for saying on national TV what I have not heard anyone else say. My wife and I made a personal decision to not buy a home, because we knew we could not afford one. My wife and I rent, and are aggressively trying to get out of debt from when we were both in college. She is a pre-school teacher, and i work for the local Republican Party. We looked at purchasing a home, but decided we wanted to be able to put at least 10% down. Our combined income is less than $55,000 a year. We both work hard. We both expect to pay taxes, but we don’t think it is right to have to bail others out who made bad decisions. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

Who is out there speaking on behalf of us working, trying to live what we perceive to be the American Dream, which is not living off of government hand outs. We appreciate your message, and encourage you to continue taking every opportunity to get the message out.

Are you an Angry Renter? You can join and get active. If you don’t speak up for you, no one will.

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