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From reader Matthew R, who e-mails: “Obama will use as much energy in flight to CO as the museum’s solar panels can produce in 4 years.”

Thought you might find this interesting – according to the info I found on Boeing’s website and elsewhere, the 747-200 that operates as Air Force One uses anywhere from 5 to 7 gallons of fuel per mile, depending on how full it is. At roughly 1500 miles from DC to Denver, that’s at least 15,000 gallons of fuel round trip. There are 33.4 kilowatt hours of energy in a gallon of fuel, meaning this trip will use about 500,000 kilowatt hours of energy. According to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s own website, their solar installation has generated only 90,000 kilowatt hours of energy since it was installed last June!

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