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The House Dems Who Voted No; the Senate Vote Underway; Waiting for Sherrod Brown; It's Done
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The members of the most deliberative body in the world are on the floor casting their hurry-up-and-vote porkulus votes.

Stand by for Senate roll call vote tally.

Meantime, if you haven’t already seen it, the House roll call vote is here.

The 7 House Democrats who voted no:









Update 5:48pm Eastern. Snowe and Collins cast their yes votes.

Update 5:51pm Eastern. Specter…Aye.

Update 6:04pm Eastern. Senate will wait for Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown to return from his mother’s wake. White House supplied him plane to whisk him back to cast the 60th vote.

Vote will be open until 10:30pm Eastern.


Update: Sherrod Brown cast his vote at 10:46pm Eastern and turned around and went home for his mother’s funeral.

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