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Kennedy Will Miss Porkulus Vote Tomorrow
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Well, this should make things a little more interesting tomorrow. The Boston Globe reports that Ted Kennedy will not be in D.C. for the porkulus vote. And with Judd Gregg back in action after abstaining on stimulus votes while he was Commerce Secretary nominee, things could really get interesting:

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, battling brain cancer, returned to Washington this week for key votes on the stimulus package.

But he is going back to Florida, where he has been resting after suffering a seizure on Inauguration Day, CNN is reporting this afternoon.

And that is prompting Harry Reid, the top Democrat in the Senate, to troll for another moderate Republican or two to vote for the compromise version of the stimulus on Friday, just to be safe.

With Kennedy’s vote and those of three Republicans, the Senate passed the plan with 61 votes — just one more than necessary.

Will the Turncoat Caucus get new members tomorrow?

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