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Schumer: "the American People Really Don't Care" About Pork; Obama: "the American People Don't Need to be Convinced;" Final Passage Vote: 61-37
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The Senate is about to pass the Turbaconducken stimulus package. Sen. Schumer took to the floor about 20 minutes ago to fear-monger. He referred shamelessly to the “economic 9/11” and wagged his bony finger at Republican dissenters.

“You lost,” Sen. Schumer sneered. Besides, he taunted, the “American people really don’t care” about all those “little tiny, yes, porky amendments” that the “chattering classes” have exposed:

Sixteen seconds packed with trademark liberal contempt, self-delusion, and oily arrogance.

Easy to claim the American people “don’t care” when your voicemail and e-mailboxes are clogged with messages that will never be heard or read before the next rush to judgment takes place.


Who cares? You care. Raise your voices.


President Obama is also turning up his nose at millions of Americans skeptical of this colossal rip-off.

Pressing for urgency, President Barack Obama ventured into another hard-hit, Republican-leaning area on Tuesday to prod Congress to stop debating an emergency economic deal and just get it done.

Coming off a prime-time news conference, Obama was holding his second town hall event in as many days. The tenor of his remarks was to be much the same as Monday’s in another economically staggering area, Elkhart, Ind., which is also a Republican stronghold.

En route to Florida, Obama said “The American people don’t need to be convinced” about the need for action.

There is no dissent in Obama’s America.


Anti-climax: 12:46pm Eastern. The final passage vote in the Senate on Turbaconducken: 61-37. The Turncoat Caucus – Specter, Snowe, and Collins – joined the Dems. Cornyn came back from his NYC trip to cast a no vote. Gregg abstained.

Now, it’s off to the House-Senate conference backrooms to stuff more pork back in.

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