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Obama's Ft. Myers Revival Meeting; Update: Henrietta and Julio Videos Added
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Scroll down for video updates…puke advisory warning…new update: Mrs. Hughes gets a house

Obama heals Henrietta Hughes (photo source)

If you follow me on Twitter, you saw my comment earlier this afternoon about the savior-based moment in Ft. Myers this afternoon between President Obama and a woman named Henrietta Hughes — who demanded that Obama give her a home with her own bathroom and kitchen.

The entire event was like a revival meeting. Naturally, I’m already being attacked as heartless for questioning the entitlement culture. Wrapping up a column on this for tomorrow.

JWF and Philip Klein weigh in.

We are all Peggy the Moocher now.


Oh, you’ve got to watch this video of another Obama worshiper at the Ft. Myers revival meeting. “Gracious God!”

Update: Here is the Henrietta video…and watch at the end for the “I love you, Barack” woman. Creepy:

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