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The Perfect Metaphor for Washington's Generational Theft Recipe
Turbaconucken. Taste it.
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Hey, have you heard of This Is Why You’re Fat? It’s a new website that launched today highlighting photos all sorts of heart attack-inducing foods. Mile-high stacks of Oreo cookies. Double bacon hamburger fatty melts. You get the idea.

There was one concoction that struck me as the perfect metaphor for Washington’s generational theft recipe.

The perfect metaphor for the desperation-drenched, larded-up “stimulus” vehicle. Even better than Crap Sandwich Supreme.

It’s Turbaconducken: A chicken inside a duck inside a turkey, all wrapped in bacon.

Chicken Littles joining with Turncoat Republicans ducking fiscal responsibility delivering a turkey of a bill, all wrapped in bacon.

Bon appetit.

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