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Kerry and Gore Give Global Warming Skeptics Cold Shoulder
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The Al Gore global warming hearing is taking place right now in D.C. as a light freezing drizzle falls. John Kerry wagged his waggy finger at global warming skeptics:

Former Vice President Al Gore told lawmakers Wednesday morning that the earth is in “grave danger” and that the nation must break its dependence on oil.

In prepared remarks before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Mr. Gore urged quick passage of President Obama’s stimulus package.

“Climate change will be increasingly central to our foreign policy and national security, and it will be a focal point of this committee’s efforts as well,”said Sen. John Kerry, the committee chairman and the Democratic party’s 2004 pick for president.

Mr. Kerry dismissed the icy weather which framed Mr. Gore’s global warming remarks Wednesday morning.

“And to the naysayers and deniers still out there, let me add: A little snow in Washington does nothing to diminish the reality of this crisis,” he said.


Iain Murray is liveblogging the hearing with inconveniently truthful asides.

Flashback: 31,072 scientists who won’t be heard by Gore and Kerry.

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