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Richardson: "Disappointed" and "Hurt" by Turn of Events, But the Real Issue Is People Are Losing Their Houses!
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While the Grover Norquist/RNC debate kicks off, Bill Richardson is expected to talk about his sudden withdrawal from the Commerce Secretary post any minute.

All of a sudden, the Hispanic activists who jeered that Richardson’s nomination was an unacceptable consolation prize are demanding that another Hispanic be appointed to the post.

Here we go:

Bill Richardson is “disappointed” in the turn of the events. Has “faith” in the process. Excited about returning to work on the state budget. Refuses to talk about the probe or his conversations with Obama.

Richardson says he “underestimated how long the criminal investigation would take.”

Question: Did the transition team pressure you to withdraw or did you?

Richardson unconvincingly says that he made the decision.

“Yesterday, I was hurting. I lost a Cabinet appointment. But I think people have to focus on what people are losing in this country. They’re losing their savings and their homes.”



Yesterday: Adios.

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