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First Hate Mail of 2009
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from Texx Smith [email protected]

reply-to [email protected]

to [email protected]

date Thu, Jan 1, 2009 at 8:26 AM

subject I couldn’t not write you…

Someone told me about your blog today ( I find it hard to believe that someone other than a rich white dude or an old gullible white dude would write the crap that you are. What’s wrong with you?

It’s an old guy who told me about your site. He said ” There’s this stupid niXXXr biXXh going around saying we treat niXXers and women the way we used to, like niXXers and women!” He got a huge kick out of it! He thinks your man is making you serve him by writing this. He wonders aloud about the other things he may make you do. He also wonders aloud about the things he would make his “half-nigger half-chink whore” do.

Do you really think racism and sexism is ok? Look at you!

It’s like watching that skit that David Chappel did about the blind man in the KKK who didn’t realize he was black.

You know the audience you are pandering to wants to take away womens rights and non-whites right, just like it was “in the good old days” right? It’s called conservative, look up the definition, it means resistant to change or wanting to rollback change, like women being allowed to vote or wear pants. Do you really want things rolled back? Are you really a conservative? Do you really want to be “owned” by a white man?

You may actually be a” . . . a Philly-born, South Jersey-raised alumna of Holy Spirit HS and Oberlin College. . . . “ But to your audience you’re a stupid niXXer biXXh. Are you ok with that?

If not I can help you escape whomever is enslaving you. America is cool like that still. We’ve almost lost everything and slavery is making a comeback here, thanks to the people making you write this crap. But we can still easily rescue a slave on American soil. We have courts here, they can even punish your Masters.

Texx Smith

YIM: texxsmith

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• Category: Ideology