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Send a Card to Hannah
Christmas wish.
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Click here for a photo slideshow of 4-year-old Hannah Garman of Lancaster County, Pa., who was diagnosed with a rare, incurable brain tumor in October. Hannah’s mother died of cancer two years ago. Hannah has a Christmas wish and her community is spreading the word: Send her a card.

Day by Day’s Chris Muir sent his in cartoon form.

You can send yours to:

Hannah Garman

259 North Reading Rd.

Ephrata, Pa. 17522

(Hat tip – Sgt. Tim)

From Hannah’s local newspaper:

Lights flashing, they drove north through the darkness Thursday, a caravan of about 70 fire trucks, ambulances and police cars headed toward a small, red-headed girl in a party dress.

Hannah Garman, 4, quietly watched them pulling into a parking lot. She was lying on a litter just outside an ambulance, her pink shoes poking out of a white sheet. Hannah, who lives in Lititz with her dad, brother and sister, recently was diagnosed with a fatal form of brain cancer. Her mom, Christine, died from cancer two years ago.

Hannah’s wish for Christmas this year was to get lots of cards. That wish went out in an e-mail late last week. Her family believes it was sent by someone who knows them but they are not sure.

It would be an understatement to say that Hannah’s wish has been granted.

Within days, cards began trickling into the Lititz home of her grandparents, who are helping to care for her. The trickle became a stream, then a torrent, then a flood of hundreds of cards from all over the world, as the e-mail spread over the Internet.

School children made cards. Churches sent them. Families and kids and everybody and his brother, from Canada to Mexico to Singapore, has gotten in on the action.

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When county firefighters heard about Hannah, they thought it would be nice if they could send her some cheer, too.

Merry Christmas, Hannah. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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