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Yesterday, I noted Illinois First Lady Patty Blagojevich’s rather unladylike mouth, as detailed in the criminal complaint against her crooked hubby.

Chicago reader and columnist Meg Kreikemeier e-mails:

Welcome to the Chicago Way. This is what America voted for in 2008 — albeit with a lot of perfume applied to it by the media to hide the stink.

The lovely Patty Blagojevich is the daughter of Chicago alderman Richard Mell. I’m sure that’s where she learned her flowery language and shake-down techniques.

You want an expose, look into the links between the banks owned by Amrish Mahajan (Mutual Bank) and the Giannoulias family (Broadway Bank) and all the state business and real estate deals (including Obama’s) and that ran through those banks. Alexi Giannoulias is the Illinois State Treasurer, who, you might recall, came out of nowhere when he was endorsed by Obama.

Conveniently, Patty Blagojevich is a realtor who has made thousands of dollars in commissions from Hot Rod’s cronies. The Chicago Tribune has detailed the commissions-as-politcal-donations policy of the Blagojevich’s many times.

Basically, the only way to make it big in Chicago politics is to pay to play, and this is an environment in which Obama not only existed but thrived.

To say that corruption in Chicago and Cook County is pervasive would be an understatement. Unfortunately America will now have to live with the decision of chosing a Chicago politician as president and what that means for the nation as favors are repaid over the next four years (and how Chicago will be saddled with debt when it’s inevitably chosen as host for the 2016 Olympics now that America is back in favor with the world).

And let me tell you, Blagojevich isn’t an outlier. Chicago also has the corrupting influences of the Daleys, Jacksons, Strogers, Mells and, of course, Tony Rezko. And they’re just the tip of this nasty, growing iceberg — a city and county that sucks its residents dry via its high property taxes, gas taxes, 10% sales tax, nannyism and myriad of incompetent political hires. I’m feeling all hope and changey.

And reader Peter adds: “Mention of Patricia Blagojevich in her husband’s indictment is not the first time she has been mentioned in some questionable deals. Here is an article from the Chicago Tribune about a real estate transaction that she brokered which had implications for influence in government contracting. The article indicates this is the third such deal she has been involved with.”

We haven’t heard the last from Patty F’ing Blagojevich.

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