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Here Is the Revised UAW Bailout Bill; Possible Vote Saturday
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On Monday, it was 31 pages. It’s grown by 6 pages. Reading through it now.

Read it for yourselves.


And from discussion this morning on the Senate floor about the timing of the vote:

Senator Reid: (10:32 AM)

Today —

We will have morning business until 12:30 PM.

From 12:30 PM to 2:15 PM we will stand in recess.

Spoke on the auto bailout bill.

SUMMARY “i understand, in fairness, that all parties — democrats and republicans — deserve the opportunity to study this bill. it’s about 25 pages long, as i understand it. but even though we have some speed readers in the senate, they still need time to study this. in speaking with various senators today, it appears pretty clear that the minority, the republicans, are not going to move forward on this unless there’s a lot of opportunity to study this legislation. therefore, it appears unlikely that we’ll be able to have a vote on this today”

SUMMARY “i will have it here. we will file the necessary motions on that, which would mean that we would have a cloture vote on friday on a motion to proceed to it”

SUMMARY “we would have that cloture vote early friday morning, maybe as early as 9:00. if we did that, then the second vote would not take place until saturday afternoon at about 3:00, give or take a little bit of time. and then everyone can do the math just as well as i can, the next vote would probably take place around 9:00 on saturday”

Senator McConnell: (10:37 AM)

Spoke on the auto bailout bill.

SUMMARY “we haven’t been able to get a copy of the bill that we believe represents an agreement that’s been reached between congressional democrats and the white house on the automobile package. until we get the actual bill and can read it, it’s unrealistic to expect — i can ask my members to advance consideration of the bill forward — until we know what’s in it. so as soon as we can have a look at it, wile a be having a conference today”

Senator Reid: (10:40 AM)


SUMMARY “i totally understand what the republican leader is saying. if i were in his place, i would do the same thing. it’s not fair to ask that we move forward on this legislation without people having the opportunity to read it and study it and talk to others about what’s in it. i would hope, though, after we get the legislation that we can work something out to expedite the procedural matters in this”

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