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A group of dissident Cuban bloggers has been planning a gathering for December 6. Fidel Castro and his thugs are not happy.

Over the past few weeks, Michael Moore’s dream paradise has been slowly tightening its vice grip to silence the bloggers. Over the 48 hours, two bloggers have been summoned by police.

Ernesto Hernández Busto e-mailed me this morning:

We would like to bring to your attention some recent facts that we have not seen mentioned in the international press:

—Yesterday, the renowned Cuban Blogger, Yoani Sanchez (Generación Y) was summoned by the Cuban Department of Interior which explicitly warned her against conducting an event for independent bloggers that she was preparing for December 6.

—Today, Cuban independent blogger Claudia Cadelo (Octavo cerco) has been summoned by the Cuban police for the same reason.

—On November 13, the Gaceta Oficial of the Republic of Cuba published the following as a warning to internet providers. “The regulations for the suppliers of services of public access to the Internet,” from Resolution No. 179/2008 of the Ministry of Computer Science and Communications. The resolution states, that providers have the obligation to “adopt the measures necessary to prevent the access to sites whose contents are opposite to the nations social interest, good morals or customs.”

In a ridiculous attempt to censor the incipient Cuban blogging movement, this resolution, signed by Minister Ramiro Valdés, establishes the order to prohibit “the use of applications that affect the integrity or security of the State”.

My friends at Babalu blog have translated Yoani’s account of her reprimand from two Interior ministry bureaucrats. An excerpt:

We want to advise you that you have transgressed the limits of tolerance in your closeness and contact with elements of the counterrevolution. This disqualifies you totally to conduct dialogue with Cuban authorities.

The activity scheduled for the next few days cannot take place.

We, for our part, will take all measures and will lodge the pertinent charges and take the necessary actions. This event- in these moments which the nation is living, recuperating from two hurricanes- will not be permitted.

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