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Preparing for the Next Amnesty Battle
Because it never dies.
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Bay Buchanan at Team America PAC sends a memo on the upcoming illegal alien amnesty battle. You know it’s coming. You knew it would come whether Barack Obama or John McCain took office. It was only a question of how fast it would get on the table. The question now is whether you are prepared to stave it off again.

Bay writes:

Guess who is to blame for the Republican routs in 2008? According to the establishment, YOU ARE! Since the election, the pointy heads have been parroting the line that “nativists” in the GOP cost the party the Hispanic vote and the election.

The Wall Street Journal–whose editorial page promotes a constitutional Amendment entitled “There Shall Be Open Borders”-had an editorial yesterday called “immigration losers” where they gloated that five members of Tom’s Immigration Reform Caucus lost as proof that immigration fails. They didn’t bother to mention that the 22 Republican seats went down with the GOP ship.

I’d like to ignore these mutterings, but we can’t. These guys have an agenda. They want the party leadership to believe what the media keeps saying-that the only way to electoral victory is through amnesty. It doesn’t matter that it is total nonsense-all they care about is getting amnesty passed and our borders open even wider!

We stopped amnesty in 2006 and 2007, because we convinced enough politicians that if they listened to their lobbyists and not their constituents, they’d be out of a job. To do it again we must expose the lies of the open border crowd.

The Facts: Yes, some anti-amnesty Republicans lost, but so did pro-amnesty politicians, not least of them being John McCain. The truth is Tancredo style Republicans did better than the average Republicans. Members of Tom’s immigration reform caucus make up 51% of House Republicans, but only 39% of losing incumbents.

Our two top candidates this election cycle were Lou Barletta of PA and Wayne Parker of Alabama. In both races the Democrats ran as if they were as tough as our guys on immigration!! Both were flat out lying but if the Tancredo stand on immigration is so politically damaging, I’d like to ask my friends at the Wall Street Journal, why are the Democrats wrapping themselves in it to win?

The constant droning about the Hispanic vote is insulting to Hispanics and to all Americans. Our democracy is one person, one vote; not one ethnic group, one vote. I value the vote of a Hispanic just as much as a vote of White, Black or Asian American. But that’s not what it’s about. It is supposed to be about what’s best for America, not best for our party.


It’s back to the old battle lines. And we can win again-we stopped the President, party leaders, Corporate America and the powerful ethnic lobbyists from passing amnesty and we whooped them in the states!! Now we have to re-up and re-arm because they are coming at us again.

The new Congress takes office January 6, E-Verify is set to expire in March, and the push for an Obama-Reid amnesty could come by then. This week I am contacting the other immigration leaders in town and asking them to join me at a meeting to begin pulling together the great coalition we had to defeat amnesty in the past. But your help is needed if we are to succeed.

We will need you to get on the phones, to write letters, e-mail, and fax Congress-and to recruit friends to do the same. Republicans need to be informed that they will never get out of the wilderness unless they become bold and tough on immigration. And as for the Democrats they need to see and feel the anger that talk of amnesty generates among Americans-only then they will back away. They want a smooth couple years until the off year elections and will not risk a popular uprising in the early days of the Administration.

Our job-let them know this is just what they’re going to get if amnesty is on the table.

More at Team America PAC’s website here.

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