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Biden Booed at Eagles-Giants Game Updated
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Any of you watching the Eagles-Giants game? A friend e-mailed me that our illustrious Vice President-elect Joe Biden was booed by Philly fans.

He’s the silver lining on the gloomy Election 2008 cloud.

AP notes the incident:

Eli Manning threw two TD passes and John Carney kicked two field goals to give the NFC East-leading New York Giants a 20-17 lead over the Philadelphia Eagles at halftime on Sunday night.

Trying to slice a game off New York’s lead, Philadelphia scored two touchdowns off Giants’ turnovers. Donovan McNabb threw a TD pass and lined up as a wideout on a trick play score that gave the Eagles their first touchdown. David Akers kicked a 29-yard field goal as the first half expired to make it 20-17.

The Giants and Eagles played in front of a special guest. Vice President-elect Joe Biden watched the game in a luxury suite with Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. Biden was booed when he was showed on the video screen.

Take all the comic relief you can get.


Reader Craig e-mails: “I was at the Eagles game tonight, and the booing was so loud they took him off after only a few seconds. I hope it makes all the news rounds the way [the Philly booing of] Sarah Palin did.”

Commenter Confutus notes: “Didn’t Philly fans boo Palin when she showed up at a hockey game not so long ago? I’m not quite sure what you can make of either one, except perhaps that Philly fans may be bipartisan in their dislike of politicians.”

Yeah. That’s a good thing.


Update: Several readers say the booing was over a ref’s call.

Here’s one: “Eli had just gotten sacked and he threw the ball down and wasn’t called for intentional grounding. The Philly fans were booing the non-call on the NFL’s golden boy, not Joe Biden.”

Noted. Looks like the AP will have to add a clarification, too!

More debate: Reader Mike writes that the fans were clearly booing Biden: “Even Jeffrey Lurie tried to rally the fans when he noticed they were on the screen…and the boos got louder.”

And more from reader Eric: “Michelle,

The readers that say the booing was over a replay of a ref’s call are incorrect. When they first showed him on the screen, he was loudly booed, as was accurately reported. The camera that was showing them on the screen then panned over to include both Biden and the Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie in the shot. As the booing began to subside, Lurie made a gesture to the fans, as if imploring them to stop. Instead they began loudly booing yet again. It was clearly directed toward Biden…not to a ref’s call. I watched the whole game. The shot didn’t coincide with any sort of call that could be deemed controversial, close or bad. It was a routine play.


By the way, some other people are trying to downplay it by saying they might have been booing the owner. The owner wasn’t in the shot when they started booing so they couldn’t have known where Biden was sitting. Then they didn’t ‘boo’ the second time until Lurie made his gesture. If they were booing Lurie, they would have started booing as soon as he was on the screen, which they didn’t.”

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