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San Francisco Does Something Right
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For the past two years, I’ve covered the war on JROTC in San Francisco (background here).

On Election Day, San Francisco did something right: City voters passed an initiative backed by JROTC cadets to save the program from anti-war zealots on the SF school board.

Unfortunately, it’s not a binding measure. But a majority of voters have spoken. Now, it’s time for those voters to make sure the radicals on the school board listen:

San Francisco, a city largely known for its anti-military reputation and liberal leanings, voted on Nov. 4 to save the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program that is slated to be phased out of the city’s public schools.

Proposition V – the measure in support of keeping the JROTC training program in high schools – passed by 53 percent. However, the ballot measure is not binding and the elective could still be removed from high schools.

Since 2006, JROTC opponents have worked to eliminate this military-backed program arguing it encourages members to discriminate against homosexuals who are banned from openly serving in the military. So the San Francisco Unified School District took action against the program.

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