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CNN has just e-mailed to let me know that Wolf Blitzer will have a sit-down interview with The One on Friday: “The interview will air throughout the three hours of The Situation Room later that day. Blitzer will travel for the face-to-face interview with Obama and plans to anchor The Situation Room from the road. Blitzer will focus in on the most important domestic and national security issues facing voters, especially issue No. 1: the ailing U.S. economy.”

Viewers can submit questions for Obama online at

Or contact Blitzer here.

Will he dare to ask about the Khalidi Jew-bash? Ohio’s raid on Joe The Plumber’s records? The Obama campaign’s credit card fraud racket?

Or will we be adding this interview to the slobbering Obamedia scrapbook?


More Khalidi tape buzz:

ChangeandExperience pulls the bits and pieces together.

HillBuzz waits for the shoe to drop.

Rand Simberg imagines what’s on the tape.


Just in via HA Headlines: CNN turns down Obama infomercial.

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