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John Murtha Is Running Scared; New Internal Poll Shows Virtual Dead Heat
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More than a year’s worth of covering GOP upstart Bill Russell’s challenge to smear merchant corruptocrat John Murtha is paying off.

The momentum has shifted. National media and politicos are paying attention. Veterans are standing up against the troop-slandering incumbent. The polls are tightening. (A new one posted at GrassrootsPA shows a virtual dead heat: MURTHA 45.5% RUSSELL 43.7%.)

And John Murtha is squealing like the pig he is.

Here he is cursing his head off and attacking Russell as a carpetbagger. House Democrats have pitched in funds to try and bail him out of his self-created mess.

Here’s the Huffington Post getting unhinged over the Russell surge.

One citizen, Bill Russell, made a difference. Each of you who contributed to Russell’s campaign and spread the word has made a difference.

Keep it up.

John Murtha is running scared. It’s time to run him out of office for good.


Email of the afternoon from reader K.C.:


I am a Democrat through and through and have been all my life. So, I hang my head a little as I admit to you that I often find myself agreeing with your views as stated in your column. Congressman Murtha is not only an embarassment to his party, which is often quite hypocritical as you have said before, but also a burden on the American taxpayer who needs to be free of this corrupt windbag.


For those of you in Pa.:

A final, massive Campaign Rally for Republican 12th District candidate William Russell has been scheduled for this weekend.

Today, Russell Campaign Manager Peg Luksik announced the final rally will be held Sunday November 2, 2008, at the Day’s Inn in New Stanton, PA at 2pm. “This is an opportunity for all of our campaign staff, poll workers, individual and group supporters to come together for one last, big event before election day,” said Luksik.

Luksik also announced that several national conservative organizations including; Gun Owners of America, Move America Forward, Veterans for Freedom and the Minutemen have all asked to participate.

“This has been a campaign unlike any other in America,” said Bill Russell. “I invite anyone who hasn’t yet had a chance to meet with me, to come to this event.”


A classic cut-and-run flashback:

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