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Mexican Immigration Official Arrested in Ariz. with 77 Kilos of Pot
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American taxpayers forked over $1.6 billion to Mexico this year for their border enforcement and anti-drug smuggling programs while our own southern fence is underfunded and incomplete. (Refresher here.)

How’s all that spending working out and who’s been pocketing the money?

A clue:

A U.S. official says American law enforcement arrested a top Mexican immigration official for carrying about 77 kilograms of marijuana.

The U.S. official identified the Mexican official as Francisco Celaya-Carrillo. The official said he was stopped in Lukeville, Ariz. Sunday afternoon, as he was coming into the country in a pickup truck to do some shopping and said that a Customs and Border Protection officer inspected the vehicle and found marijuana in the gas tank and in the spare tire.

But hey, no biggie, right? He didn’t cross the border. The border crossed him!

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