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Surprise, Surprise: Fence In Name Only Won't be Done by Deadline
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See, I told you so…

September 14, 2006:

There’s no funding for the fence, which will take years to build if it ever does get funded. There are so many other immediate reforms that could have been adopted this year that would have strengthened immigration enforcement, closed deportation loopholes immediately, and provided true relief at the border. (And don’t even get me started on this administration’s renewed laxity at the front door, which has been thrown open to tens of thousands of new Saudi student visa holders while enforcement against millions of current visa overstayers remain virtually non-existent.)

April 4, 2007: FINO: Fence In Name Only

July 14, 2007: Border fence? What border fence?

December 18, 2007: House guts border fence

Feb. 28, 2008: The Fence to Nowhere

March 5, 2008: The Finish The Freaking Fence Act

March 26, 2008: The border fence sunset

April 23, 2008: Virtual fence scrapped; $20 million down the drain

Aug. 20, 2008: FINO alert: Virtual border fence blocked

Sept. 9, 2008: FINO: Fence funding falls short (again)

And now…drumroll please…

October 23, 2008:

The United States will miss its deadline to complete a security fence along the Mexican border this year, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said on Thursday.

“I don’t think we’re going to hit the nail on the head and be done by the end of the year,” Chertoff told Reuters, adding that about 370 miles of the planned 670-mile (1,070-km) fence had been completed.

Chertoff said he hoped when the Bush administration leaves office in January about 90 to 95 percent of the fence — a controversial measure that has raised hackles both with Mexico and with U.S. landowners along the proposed route — would be completed or under construction.

“We’ve gotten most of the way there. We will be very substantially close,” he told Reuters in an interview.

Secure Fence Act = “Substantially Close,” Virtually Virtual, “Most of The Way There” Fence Act.

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