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Saturday Night Live: Open Thread; Sarah Palin's a Good Sport
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Sarah Palin is reportedly in NY for a spot on Saturday Night Live tonight.

Supporters gathered outside NBC studios in advance of her guest appearance.

Here’s your open thread for anyone planning to tune in for the show.

Meantime, NBC is slashing its budget:

A trade paper reports that NBC Universal plans to cut $500 million in spending next year to prepare for an expected continuation of the worldwide economic slowdown.

Variety says President and CEO Jeff Zucker announced the cuts Friday in a staff memo. The reduction would equal 3 percent of the company’s budget.

Variety says division heads will decide how to reduce their spending. But Zucker’s memo suggested several ways, including staffing reductions and cutbacks in budgets for travel, entertainment and promotions.

Feel free to offer budget-cutting proposals for NBC/MSNBC.



“Political blogs are buzzing about Sarah Palin appearing on “Saturday Night Live” tonight. It looks like Gov. Palin might have a difficult time in front of the live audience and hot lights — and she has yet to see a script!

Palin spoke with talk show host Neal Boortz Friday morning on his syndicated radio program. She told Boortz she had not seen a copy of the show’s script, “They haven’t even hinted about what that script is going to say.” Will Palin be improvising? The Alaska governor isn’t worried. She said appearing on “SNL” would give her the chance to “rise above the political shots that we take.”


Update: 12:01am Eastern…

Won’t give it away for those of you on the West Coast, but here’s commenter Ronnie’s reaction at HA:

“Nothing will come of this except Sarah Palin will be perceived as a good sport.”

And two more general reactions:

“Meh” and “huh?”

Update: 8:51am Eastern… Here’s the vid:

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