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In Search of the Students from Ohio's Voter Fraud House
Come out, come out, wherever you are...
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Come out, come out, wherever you are…

The intrepid young reporters from Palestra are on the trail of several elite scholars studying abroad at Oxford, who are among more than a dozen Democrat activists under investigation as part of a shady voter registration operation run at 2885 Brownlee Ave. in Columbus. There are now four of these out-of-state students who have cast ballots in Ohio despite extremely dubious residency. My friend Bill Whittle joked with me on Pajamas TV the other day that Voter Fraud House should be the subject of a new reality series on MTV. It would have been very useful to have hidden cameras at this residence over the last two months.

Shelby Holliday reports:

FYI: There is a very interesting change on the Vote From Home website that suggests these students are running scared and trying to cover their you-know-whats. Investigators looking into this case should take note. After Palestra published its initial report on 2885 Brownlee Ave., the Vote From Home site added these photos to its front page:

Also added: A chirpy “blog post” dated Oct. 16 that reads: “Many of you have asked, how can twelve people live in such a small house? Well, here is the inside story: When we all moved into 2885 Brownlee Ave, over 90 days ago, we rented 6 bunk beds (12 beds) from a nearby camp and purchased three beds for our basement. I know, it’s a tight fit, but we’re a close group of friends and we’re all dedicated to helping people vote, despite the absence of creature comforts and space.”

Uh-huh. As the Palestra reporters have pointed out after visiting the house, others staying at the residence told them the students in question were not there and had no plans on returning.

The blog entry has no link. Because the Vote From Home WordPress blog has been defunct for weeks.

Can you spell C-Y-A?

(That’s a four-letter-word, if you’re Joe Biden.)

On a related note, Shelby at Palestra reports that an out-of-state Obama worker has registered to vote at a temporary address in Ohio — which he apparently has no plans on returning to after the election.

Smelling a theme here yet?



Ohio prosecutor investigating Voter Fraud House

Voter fraud alert: Houseful of out-of-state Obama activists registered as Ohio voters, received absentee ballots

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