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Bill Ayers at University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Canceled
"Safety concerns."
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Continuing coverage of the developing controversy over the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s decision to reward Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers with a prestigious speaking gig during the school’s 100th anniversary…

Jim in Omaha emails:


Great post on the Bill Ayers situation in Nebraska. Without your post yesterday, this would have gone unnoticed. As you can see from the following Omaha World Herald story, this situation has erupted into a major political issue, with the governor calling on the university to cancel the invitation. The World Herald story also points out that this issue may cost the university a substantial amount of financial support (see the highlighted portions of the story below). Finally, this situation has become an issue in a current race for University of Nebraska regent. ([I]ncidentally, the regent candidate who sent the press release, Tim Clare, is a rock solid conservative who could use some support).

Keep up the good work.

Here’s the lowdown on the governor’s call to cancel Ayers’ invitation and Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson’s statement of disappointment over the speaking gig:

Just 11 days after next month’s election, the University of Illinois-Chicago professor, William Ayers, is scheduled to speak at a student research conference held by the UNL College of Education and Human Science.

Gov. Dave Heineman released a statement saying that UNL leaders should not allow Ayers, a 1960s radical-turned-professor at the University of Illinois, to talk during a campus event on Nov. 15.

“Chairman of the Board of Regents Chuck Hassebrook and President of the University J.B. Milliken should immediately rescind the invitation extended to Bill Ayers to speak at the University,” the governor said. “This is an embarrassment to the University of Nebraska and the State of Nebraska. Bill Ayers is a well known radical who should never have been invited to the University of Nebraska.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Nebraska, today said in a statement that he is disappointed that UNL invited William Ayers to speak on campus Nov. 15.

“His past involvement in a violent protest group and incendiary comments are not consistent with the agenda of unity that we need in America today,” Nelson said. “I encourage the university to reconsider this decision.”

And just in from the Omaha World-Herald, Ayers has been canceled.

University officials said in a news release Friday evening that “the university’s threat assessment group monitored e-mails and other information UNL received regarding Ayers’ scheduled Nov. 15 visit and identified safety concerns which resulted in the university canceling the event.”

“Safety concerns.”

Whose safety?

Waiting for someone to scream “RAAAAACIST” or something.


ArmyWifeToddlerMom breathes a sigh of relief: “Now I can SAY GO BIG RED, without feeling like a complete communist!”



Bill Ayers at University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Revolt brewing

Ayers to keynote University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s 100th anniversary celebration

UNL prof Gerard Harbison

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