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Update: Deranged Anti-Palin Prof Cleared
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Photoshop: David Lunde

Terrific. The profanity-spewing, nutball professor at Metro State in Denver who required students to write essays bashing Sarah Palin has been cleared of wrongdoing. (Flashback: Meet Colorado’s new Ward Churchill wanna-be.)

Instead, the college has recommended “appropriate mentoring.”


A special investigation of part-time Metropolitan State College instructor Andrew Hallam has determined that he had not violated any college policies in assigning an essay on Republican vice president nominee Sarah Palin to one of his English classes.

“The investigation concluded that Hallam must learn to curb the use of vulgar language in class, and that the introduction of controversal topics must have a substantial relationship with the subject of the class,” according to a news bulletin released by the college Tuesday.

“While discipline is not warranted, appropriate mentoring is recommended.”

The findings of the investigation was announced by Metro State College president Stephen Jordan on Tuesday.

Hallam, 36, will be assigned a faculty member to serve as his mentor for the rest of this semester, according to Cathy Lucas, spokeswoman for the college. He could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Lucas said the college will also add an all-day session on how to maintain political balance in classes to orientations given to part-time as well as tenure track faculty members.

Hallam, who started teaching at Metro State College this semester, came under fire in September, after he gave a controversial assignment to one of his English classes.

He allegedly told them to write an essay that would contradict “the fairy tale image of Palin” as presented at the Republican National Convention.

Lesson: Send your kids to Hillsdale!

(Hat tip – Slapstick Politics.)

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